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What would you like to see HTC and Google do different this year vs the previous years Nexus devices? If it's going to be anything like the stuff they have been releasing (aka iPhone clone) then no.
This could be good for them, but I hope they do it right and let Google take the lead on design, functionality, and marketing. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

In fact, despite it being overshadowed by the Galaxy Nexus that year, it was arguably the best android device of that year. This would be huge because if you recall HTC was the launch customer for the original Google phone.
Many wanted so bad for a Verizon nexus to succeed that we were willing to glance over the flaws and crown it despite the many flaws, particularly the radios.
You could say HTC put Android on the map and now with HTC struggling maybe a boost from Google could help get them out of the trenches.

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