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The HTC One Mini makes a few sacrifices that keep it from being simply a smaller version of the HTC One, but even with the hits it takes, still manages to pack a decent, modern processor, and a very high-res yet petite display.
Now that the One Mini is fully official, and we no longer have to turn to leaks of varying degrees of quality from all manner of nebulous sources, we can get a nice, accurate look at the handset.
So, we have the One Mini in white and black – or if you drink the HTC Kool-Aid, Glacial Silver and Stealth Black.
The Htc Ozone cell phone for Verizon  is work world-wide smartphone ruuning on CDMA and GSM systems with the included SIM. I've been pleasantly surprised by the new, mid-budget device in terms of design, but a little bit disappointed about the new version of the operating system.
The HTC Touch Pro2 is a fantastic Windows Mobile device, and certainly worth a look by anyone searching for a feature-rich PDA. The HTC Touch Pro2, released yesterday on T-Mobile’s network, is T-Mobile most feature-rich device ever released. Over the past month we played around with the stellar, but also heavy, slide-out 5-row full QWERTY device. The HTC Touch Pro2 features a sharp, spacious touch screen and an easy-to-use full QWERTY keyboard. A new member of HTC Desire lineup has been leaked and this is in line with earlier promise to begin manufacturing more smartphone models with more display sizes and price ranges. It is also said that a 13Mp rear-facing camera will adorn the back cover and there’s no guarantee that we will get the same UltraPixel implementation. You can also contact me if you have any tech product which you like to promote or like to advertise your product on our websites.
Today we get some official photos for Verizon Htc Ozone,  and we also get an expected price for the Ozone phone.
It will comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, 256 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM, 2.4-inch QVGA display, 2MP camera with autofocus, microSD slot. While, visually, there are some changes, I still think that Windows Mobile is far from Android and the iPhone in terms of performance, functionality and look. Breaking the traditional candybar mold, the Touch Pro2 offers numerous features for both the business user and the media-centric consumer.

If you can live with its chunky dimensions, however, you'll be rewarded with a large, high-resolution touchscreen and spacious keyboard that mean you can reply to long emails or edit work documents without having to fire up a laptop.
The Windows Mobile smartphone also includes conference call management tools for business users and offers good call quality. It has a wonderful screen that is actually bigger than the iPhone's and much higher resolution, too. The device is called the Desire 8, but given the company’s usual naming scheme so far, the final name could be Desire 800.
We have no complete specification specs of the Desire 8, but it could have the bigger 5.5-inch display wit unknown screen resolution.
A 5Mp wide-angle snapper will be positioned at the front and it would be adequate for any video call session. The Ozone is expected to be available on  June 29th for $49.99 after a $70 rebate with 2-year contract. Still, HTC Touch2 is a good smartphone, but only if it sells for a cheap price, otherwise I think people will look for more advanced solutions and Android is so much better for now.The GoodI would enlist here the ergonomic design of the device, the powerful CPU, which has been included into a phone that is meant for the mass market. The purchase price is a bit lofty, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for - a fully functional device, worthy of competing in today's smartphone marketplace. With a 2 year contract, you can pick up the Touch Pro2 for a leg and 3 arms, so we suggest purchasing it on a family plan $349.99.
Some people even mistook it for an iPhone at first, probably due to the dark front with its chrome surround.
The phone could be designed to fill the wide gap left by the 5-inch HTC One 2 and 6-inch HTC One Max. Covered with polycarbonate body; the Desire 8 will be available in cyan, orange, yellow, red and white. Also, I was surprised by the high quality of the music sound, which is really something new for a Windows Mobile device. With a feature set to match its large size, the HTC Touch Pro2 will be a great device for power and business users once it finally hits North America and adds U.S.
The Touch Pro2's biggest plus was definitely its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which was a joy to use for both email and SMS.

Adding a 3.5mm jack port is definitely an excellent choice and it offers users the possibility to put in their own headphones. Other worthy mentions include the fantastic speakerphone and ever growing reach of HTC's smartening of the Windows Mobile UI.
At this point, the rest of hardware specs are still largely non-existent; but we could soon get more information. Kudos should also go to the 1500mAh battery that manages to keep all this running for days at a time, just as a business phone should.It's not all good news though, and the poor camera and music abilities of the Touch Pro2 let it down slightly on the multimedia front, which is a shame. These concerns are pretty minor though, and the Touch Pro2 is designed primarily for business functions, which it excels at. While it's not that bad, the new operating system still doesn't make me want to buy the phone. This is the type of phone you expect to see sitting on a table next to a businessman at the airport, not out at the club on a Saturday night. That means it is professional looking, clean cut, and dressed up for work.The TP2's keyboard is generously large.
For example, there are keyboard shortcuts to create text messages, to access email, to launch the browser and to launch the phone's communications manager.
I've always appreciated that HTC puts a little indicator light on its keyboard to let you know when you've hit the CAP or ALT key. Each key stands out from the surface of the keyboard itself just enough so that you can tell them apart as you move your fingers across the keyboard. My only real complaint about the keyboard is that I wish the space key were larger.In all, everything about the TP2 implies that it is to be used for productivity purposes.

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