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Identify The Mobile Phone Brands Name Using WhatsApp Emoticons And Smileys   Welcome to Hichkey!Hichkey is your expression, impression, experience, story, reviews, frustration that you want to share with the world! The Only Professional Manufacturer Supplier of Dual Sim Adapter Series for Mobile phone since 2002..The Genuine Manufacturer Supplier ,NOT Reseller ! Newest Dual Sim Card Adapter Supporting Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII I9300 SGH I747 T999 .(Support Any Universal or Worldwide Version). In addition to this listing BW-3CL-05, We also release other types of Multi Sim Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII I9300.Please choose Any one based on your own simcard network. Very simple operation, Easy Plug & Play to Let your Samsung Galaxy s3 get Two SIM Cards available in single one mobile phone within seconds.
Both numbers will be displayed on your screen by embeded application.You can Choose Which number to use from that embeded menu manually or Let Two Numbers Switch Automatically by Setting up Auto-Switching time from embeded menu. The Direct Manufacturer Supplier,Serious Quality Guanrantee !Not Resellers.High Quality Guarantee !
After your order and payment ,we will dispatch your package within one work day upon your payment is confirmed.
After your payment ,Please email us to confirm your order, You will receive our email confirmation within one work day and the tracking number will be also emailed to you within 1-2 work days. Email us to confirm your order after payment, You will receive our email confirmation within one work day and the tracking number will be also emailed to you within 1-2 work days.
Any problem or advice related to your order , please don't hesitate to contact us at any time,we will take responsibility for all of our shippings and will try our most to cooperate.

You are welcome to leave feedbacks related to your order experience from our Online Store Feedback Forum. Q: I tried to pay using credit card when placing order at your store,but my creditcard Failed to pass paypal or skrill gateway.then how can I buy now ? A: Don't worry,if your online payment failed ,you could still send the payment manually ,Then email us to confirm your order,we will process for you right away. Choose the most appropriate simcard at your option,Save your charge of roaming & long-distance call. Special "Automatical Switching Mode" Updated,to let you easily Setup Automatical-Switching Time Length ,to let Both numbers switch online Automatically upon your choice! Protect SIM card against loss and damage.After installation,your original STK MENU Function and Your original Call-record will be remained without lose. Any official Android version supported as long as your samsung s3 could use the original Simcards if one sim card could be used in your s3 normally,then it should be ok with our dual sim adapter. The package you received is the oem packing including one dual sim adapter and one microsim-normalsimcard's Very easy to operate even for first user. Step 3: Insert your simcard including sim1 end into phone's simtray,make sure the bevel angle is at the same direction.
Step 5: Power on your phone,you will find A very simple menu under STK tool, you can use it to choose any one number easily from the menu at any time. If you find there is several minutes delay to switch between three simcards,it's normal,the switching time depends on your os system's response latency.and it's also normal condition that you need to restart your iphone every time you switch to any one number.

One Year Quality Warranty for all of products .and after one year,we will be glad to provide any possible customer support yet for all of our clients. Project status update, July 2012: The process of identifying orphan works from the specified period (that is, works published in the US between 1923-1963) continues. In the interest of transparency and good faith, we will post as much of the project's internal documentation as appropriate on this page. Except where otherwise noted, this work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Let your Samsung Galaxy  S3 (SIII I9300 SGH I747 T999)Install Two Simcards and You Get Two Call Numbers from the embeded menu for your Free Choice Conveniently and Easily without power on or off to change sim card as before!
The customer will get our email notification including tracking number The same day when the package's on the way. Make sure the Sim 1 End's front face(with six raised points) connects with your simcard's metal face.also the same bevel angle direction.

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