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To make sure that you have correctly identified your phone model, take off the back cover and have a look at the Samsung label behind the battery.
If you are not sure, or if you can’t find your model on our store, please contact us. There are several ways to process phone records to determine the line type and carrier (other information is also available if needed).
If you have a list with 1,000, 10,000 or even a few 100,000 records to clean and only need a single list cleaned, this is a good option.
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Identify The Mobile Phone Brands Name Using WhatsApp Emoticons And Smileys   Welcome to Hichkey!Hichkey is your expression, impression, experience, story, reviews, frustration that you want to share with the world! Though most iPhone owners know what which model they have, not everyone does, and sometimes you’ll come across an iPhone and have no idea what it is.
You must click on the serial number to rotate to the device product version identifier, you will also see IMEI number and some other details in this screen.

The model numbers are also often the easiest way to differentiate CDMA vs GSM models if the device isn’t active on a cellular carrier to identify it that way, and that is especially true since many CDMA models also include a GSM compatible SIM card slot.
If the model number is missing from the case for one reason or another, you can also retrieve model information from iTunes.
If you were hoping to find that info on the iPhone itself through iOS, it turns out that it’s just not there, despite detailed technical information like the modem firmware and baseband versions, order numbers, serial number, IMEI, and ICCID numbers. The seller claimed it was used on the Verizon network but they tried for 3 hours to make it work. Easy to get started. Simply complete a payment form and email (upload in future) your spreadsheet of numbers with one number per row. This is usually because some iPhone models share the same enclosure, and because of that it can be very hard to differentiate them just by a first glance. That is invaluable when performing iPhone repairs, both for knowing the proper parts to use, and also for restoring or updating through IPSW so that you can use the proper firmware for the device. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Do you have an inbound call center and want to know information about the number in real-time. Latest Android HOWTOsHow To Add Double Tap Screen Wake to Your Android Device!How to Run Android Apps on Your PC!
Then you can start to submit 1 to 10,000 records per batch (as many batches as needed daily up to your subscribed monthly limit).
Are your people talking to mobile users? Tiered pricing based on number of records processed monthly. The asterisks are three numbers but depends on the color and capacity (gigabytes) that your phone has.

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