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Anyone shopping for a great graduation gift this spring will want to check out the hot new SCP-2700 mobile phone by Sanyo, a slim and affordable messaging device that features a full QWERTY keyboard, threaded text messaging, access to the Web, email and a 1.3 megapixel camera.
The new Sanyo SCP2700 Sprint cell phone is available exclusively from Sprint at stores throughout West Michigan and Northeast Indiana. Teens will love its superb text messaging capabilities, including threaded text messaging and a dedicated emoticon key for inserting smiley faces and other symbols into their text messages and emails.

For a limited time, get two Sanyo SCP-2700a€™s free with new-line activations and a two-year service agreement on two Individual Plans with messaging, or a Family Plan with messaging. For parents, the Sanyo SCP-2700 cell phone makes it easy to text, connect to Bluetooth and access preferred Sprint features. This cell phone plan for the new Sanyo SCP-2700 provides savings of more than $115 per year vs.

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