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They were mobile: lightweight, requiring no accessories, you could carry one in your pocket. Since they used LCD display, the power consumption was minimal, so you didn’t need to carry a charger with you. Far more important than the number of pixels is the quality of the lens system.  Look at the following picture and try to imagine taking it with a mobile phone. Your pictures are of low quality (good enough for a selfie, but not good enough for a decent-quality picture).
Ben Bor is a Senior Solutions Architect at Teradata ANZ, specialist in maximising the value of enterprise data. For the ultimate up-to-date Optus experience, take a minute to upgrade your browser Click here to upgrade.
Keep in touch with customers, employees or friends and family overseas using your Optus mobile. Check out the great international rates available to our business customers on a mobile plan that receives a monthly bill. View the call, SMS and MMS rates for different countries that apply when you're in Australia, plus country codes and networks.
These pay as you go International 'yes' Call Rates, and international SMS and MMS rates are for our customers who receive a monthly mobile phone bill and apply if you use up any international plan inclusions you may have.
For more information about International 'yes' Call Rates, and international SMS and MMS, please read The Nitty Gritty below. All calls have a flagfall of 35c per call and are charged in the same increments of your plan for standard national calls: per second, per 30 second or per minute. For more information about selected My Plan Business international inclusions, please read The Nitty Gritty below. You can add these packs to $40 My Plan Business, and $30 My Plan Business SIM monthly mobile plans. There's just one flat monthly fee to pay and no need to worry about call rates to different countries.
Once you've exceeded your included minutes (or call a country not included in these packs), Optus pay as you go international call rates will apply.

Austria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA, United Kingdom and Vietnam. If you use more than your included minutes or call countries not included in these minutes, you'll be charged Optus 'yes' international calls (you can check these rates here).
No, these international inclusions can only be used to call, SMS and MMS overseas from your mobile when you're in Australia. If you use more than your included minutes or call countries not included in the pack, you'll be charged Optus pay as you go call rates for international calls (you can check these rates for different countries here).
If you subscribed to this pack before 1 February 2015, you'll still have it unless you remove it from your mobile plan. Information about International Value Packs can be found here (please note these packs are no longer for sale).
No, International Minute Packs can only be used to call overseas from your mobile when you're in Australia. If you have a $40 My Plan Business or a $30 My Plan Business SIM - which don't include international minutes as part of the plan - you can add an International Minute Pack. International SMS is only available with overseas networks which have an International SMS agreement with Optus. International Minute Packs are monthly recurring packs that give you an amount of minutes to be used on standard international calls to mobiles and fixed lines to selected countries. Calls are charged from time of connection to the service at the indicated rate from a BT line.
Cheap International Mobile Calls - Instant Cheap Call Topups Price comparison for cheap international mobile calls - see the cheap international call rates and choose a provider that's right for you.
Our unique international calls lookup tool compares the cheapest access numbers in the market to call starting with price first. We update our rates regularly ensuring we provide you with the cheapest calls abroad using our services. You can add and remove International Minute Packs when you login to My Account or call us on 1300 300 937 and we'll help you out. All calls have a flagfall of 35c per call (excluding $10 Optus Cap BYO which is 40c per call) and are charged in the same increments of your plan for standard national calls: per second, per 30 second or per minute.

We also provide alternative cheap access numbersso you have a choice of which rate you would like to pay and (perhaps quality) of call you would like to make.
For any infringing content the claim can be filed by visiting our intellectual property procedure.
Message charges are incurred on sending the message regardless if successfully delivered or not. International Minute Packs can be cancelled or changed to another International Minute Pack at any time.
Prior to joining Teradata, Ben worked for international consultancies for about 15 years and for international banks before that. We work with a number of service providers who provide the best rates and whose details are listed next to the numbers. At the prompt dial your destination number, wait just a few seconds and your call will be connected at the cheap call rate!
The easiest way to remember to use the Skinttariffs accessnumber before placing a call is to enter the accessnumber and destination number into your phones phonebook. You don't receive a card just a text message which includes details on how to use the service. The text message should arrive almost instantly, however in some cases it it may take up to 3 hours. You may have up to £18 worth of credit at any one time, any more and your account will be suspended. You must ensure that your prestored numbers include the accessnumber otherwise you will be charged by your network provider as the standard rate.Q.

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