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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The inside of the Valentinus Wallet is lined with microfiber chamude for better protection and a smooth touch. Which has then been encased in an aluminium case, complete with Gorilla Glass lens protector. The Lunatik Taktik iPhone case is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production.
A growing thread on Apple’s Discussion forums is filling with reports of the screen flickering problem, which by all accounts appears to be related to the software keyboard. When I enter my password in the app store, lines begin to flicker across rows of the keyboard.
A guy who called Apple’s support department was told that the company will be investigating further. Apple reportedly replaced devices for some people, which solved the problem for some, while others claim the hiccup persists.
My guess is it’s probably software-based and easily solvable with a future software update.
By the way, YouTube lit up with user videos depicting the issue (here, here, here, here and here) so the keyboard flickering thing definitely is not an isolated incident.
It would seem that many people are only seeing the flickering during App Store password entry, though your mileage may wary as Sebastien tells me that he’s seeing the flickering when creating a tweet from Notification Center so it appears to be whenever the keyboard pops up.
I was wondering when this would show up on this site, I knew my phone couldn’t be the only one doing it… Glad to see others are having issues too!
It should be quite obvious that it has to be a software issue, especially when you say that you have experienced it before with a jailbroken device, and it disappeared after restoring it to original OS.
Okay I finally see this article after going crazy for long time and yes I decided to share my story about my iPhone 5 as well. What happen is that when I get my iPhone 5 I wanted the white, but I told them black just because it looks cool, but then yeah not a big deal.
Anyway I don’t really care about the scuff, scracthes since I got Apple Care+ I can get a new phone after 2 years paying 50$ not a big deal, but now the problem comes!!!! I did record a video of this screen flickers and also show the IMEI+Serial number of the device in the video.
So we ended up talking with the manager of the Apple Store, so she asked me to use it for another week and if it happens again take another prove like video record it again or take a picture and she will be happy to swap the phone for me.
Keeps on happening to me to also when a latter pops up it keeps on flashing for about 20 seconds.

I have this exact issue with my keyboard, it doesn’t happen all the time, but I have seen it more than once.
Same problem with mine, and my last Iphone 5 had to be replaced because when it lost signal (when going into a supermarket or something) when I came outside it wouldn’t get a signal again unless I put it in airplane mode then turned airplane mode off again. I’ve filed a complaint in the apple site and popping dwn to the store soon to talk to apple staff about it. The Valentinus wallet case also includes additional storage space for cash or miscellaneous items. No, the Valentinus does not come with a screen protector since the wallet flap should protect the front of the screen. No, as long as there are no hard usage of the case, the Valentinus should not damage the phone device. So if you think it is something you could benefit from, jump over to the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help the Lunatik Taktik iPhone case become a reality. The volume and the power buttons are covered with tactile buttons in order to protect your device’s buttons while making it easy to press.
We recommend that you place the back plate against the phone first and then slide the top frame piece and then the bottom frame piece to lock it into place afterwards. Are the SGP Incredible Shields, Skin Guards, and screen protectors compatible with Linear cases? The Neo Hybrid EX Slim is composed of UV coated hard polycarbonate frame combining onto the high polymer coated soft premium soft frame bumper.
Will there be more colors available, or will you start to sell the frame or silicone colors separately? No, the frame is actually still our popular Neo Hybrid frame made out of polycarbonate and finished with a metallic coat to give off the sleek and stylish edge to your mobile device!
I received my Neo Hybrid and it looks like there's a chip on the frame on the inside, is this normal? The 4 and 4S had the yellow screens from the adhesive not drying, the Nexus 7 had screen problems in the pre-order batch. Here everyone is running the exact same version of iOS 6 but some people have the problem and some don’t. Few seconds and the app I noticed it the most with was the App Store while entering password as stated in the article.
After a day of using it I notice that there is a big issue on my phone with the LTE connection. I did a fresh restore using erase all setting, yet the problem still exist so I went back to the Apple Store and told them about it, and they just swap my sim card, but no the phone and asked me to use it for another day.

The most suspicion part is that it does only happen when you are entering the password in the AppStore app.
He told me that video can’t be a prove of the problem it has to be proven at the scene. Like my shortcuts never work, sometimes my phone will display my message multiple times, or my phone will notify me about a message I already read 20 minutes late. Today there was another problem- the keyboard in text message doesnt show up no matter how hard i click in that box..
However one problem which some people may complain about is out of the box quality, you expect it to be smooth and clean however mine had lots of scratches already on the clear plastic but I'm happy enough. This way, you will avoid any scratches that might occur when sliding the backplate onto the case. Our Linear case is a snap-on type case that does not scratch the device during installation or removal.
We are considering it with our developers for now, and if we can get enough customer interest and more detail plans, we may be able to make that available for purchase.
Apple quality standards already high yet the actual quality inspectors arent doing their job? I thought that was only the software issue again, so I did restore and still happen and checked with my brother he told me it never happens to him, and I asked few of my friends no one said about this problem. The frames and soft frame bumpers are two separate pieces that can be interchanged with different colored frames for a customized and personal look. I haven’t noticed this on my iPhone 5 yet but If it happens I might try a restore and see if that fixes the issue.
If it does turn out to be a software problem then it must have to do with some different settings people have on their iPhones and Apple will issue a fix for it.
I really hate this because I don’t have the case for my iPhone 5 yet so I didn’t peel off the plastic, but when I did take it off just to see the back and found there is a scracthes on the phone already!
While the Neo Hybrid EX is made thicker for added protection, the Neo Hybrid EX Slim case creates a more seamless and form fitting look and feel.
There are a lot of different factors going on so noone can be sure if it really is just the software or just the hardware.

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