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Travelplan Ski have partnered with Suresave Travel Insurance.Save 20% by doing it yourself - online. MY flight back to LOS ANGELES is to depart Manila Monday evening, but I was not sent an itinerary. After landing in Haneda airport, we waited in the poorly ventilated plane for 2 hours and 40 minutes! We were promised by the flight attenants that there will be staff helping us on transition after landing. We found out that our original plane departed less than half an hour ago, which was also delayed due to heavy snow.
They also offered a flight which is 6 days later, which a flight from tokyo to Hong Kong takes less than 5 hours. The airline again refused to offer any extra flights back to Hong Kong, and we were forced yo put on waiting list. IntroductionWith a dining room, business centre, day spa and private shower suites, the Japan Airlines first class lounge at Tokyo's Narita Airport is a haven for frequent flyers jetting home to Australia, or onwards across Asia or to Europe with JAL. The entryway is shared with JAL's business class Sakura Lounge, although you can skip the main reception desks and veer left towards the first class lounge, where you'll find dedicated staff waiting to greet you.
DiningWith a great mix of Japanese and Western-friendly foods, you're certain to find something appealing at the buffet regardless of your culinary tastes. Each item at the buffet is clearly labelled, and health-conscious travellers will appreciate that the signs also display the number of calories in each serve – and with everything plated up so precisely, it's easy to keep track. On the menu during our visit was Maguro (tuna), prawns and rolled egg with soy sauce on the side – all of which were made fresh to order, were perfectly presented and tasted delightful. Over in the ice bucket you'll spot Monopole champagne and whites from Italy, with reds from Santa Barbara (USA) on the side, along with saké over by the sushi bar.
There's also a darker relaxation space in the corner of the lounge that's perfect for listening to music (with headphones, of course), or to grow weary ahead of your overnight Japan Airlines or Qantas flight home to Australia. Private shower suites with their own attached bathrooms are also available in the first class lounge. Guests can make use of the suites up until 30 minutes before their flight's departure time, which allows travellers to sit down to a nice meal, take in a massage, head to the showers and then waltz aboard ready to sleep. That's a winning combination if there ever was one, and if your passport wallet packs that coveted Qantas Platinum card, it's all there waiting for you when you next depart from Tokyo's Narita Airport with Qantas, Japan Airlines or indeed any Oneworld airline. Chris lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, an opera ticket and a glass of wine! Do elaborate Rishi – have you had a chance to use this lounge, or indeed the JAL or Qantas business class lounges in Tokyo? We also zip into the QF lounge just before boarding to collect the papers to read on board.
Hi Bozman, you'll find the access rules for this lounge published in the review above – with Jetstar not being a Oneworld airline you have no access to this lounge. You'll also have no access to the Qantas lounge as Jetstar now uses a different terminal in Tokyo to where the Qantas lounge is located.
Here you can find all the necessary contact details including Customer Care Telephone (phone number), address, fax and email. Air Canada Japan Office Here you can find all the necessary contact details including Customer Care tell no (phone number), address, fax and email.
Emirates Airlines Osaka Office Here you can find all the necessary contact details including tel no (phone number), address, fax and email.
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Emirates Airlines Tokyo Office Here you can find all the necessary contact details including tel no (phone number), address, fax and email. More about us!People usually search out some problems relating baggage lost or mishandled or damaged solution, airport check in times, best hotels surrounding airport to stay, city offices contact details, flight status & cheap flight deals and airports contact details.
Qantas Official SiteYou can find all (flight status, destinations, booking, check in, baggage allowance, contact, adress, phone number, route map, fleet, timetable, flights, ticket, fares, route map, offices, careers) about Qantas in official site of Qantas. In 2009, Qantas was voted the sixth best airline in the world by research consultancy firm Skytrax, a successive drop from 2008 (third), 2007 (fifth), 2006 (second), and 2005 (second). Qantas was founded in Winton, Queensland on 16 November 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited by Paul McGuiness, Hudson Fysh, Fergus McMaster and Arthur Baird. In 1934, QANTAS Limited and Britain's Imperial Airways (the forerunner of British Airways) formed a new company, Qantas Empire Airways Limited. QEA flew internationally from May 1935, when the service from Darwin was extended to Singapore using newer de Havilland DH.86 Commonwealth Airliners.
Flying boat services were resumed with American built PBY Catalinas on 10 July 1943, with flights between Swan River, Perth and Koggala lake in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). In 1944 the Catalinas were augmented by conventional B-24 Liberators, flying from Ratmalana via RAF Minneriya for refueling and then across the ocean to Learmonth. After World War II, QEA was nationalised, with the Australian Labor government led by Prime Minister Ben Chifley buying the shares of both Qantas Limited and BOAC. Shortly after nationalisation, QEA began their first services outside the British Empire i?? to Tokyo via Darwin and Manila with Avro Lancastrian aircraft.
In 1958, Qantas became one of the very few round-the-world airlines, operating services from Australia to London via Asia and the Middle East (Kangaroo route) and via the Southern Cross route with Super Constellations.
The first jet aircraft on the Australian register (and the 29th 707 built) was registered VH-EBA and named City of Canberra. Air travel grew substantially in the early 1960s, so Qantas ordered the larger Boeing 707-338C series of aircraft. When Cyclone Tracy devastated the town of Darwin at Christmas 1974, Qantas established a world record for the most people ever embarked on a single aircraft when they evacuated 673 people on a single Boeing 747 flight. The Australian Government sold the domestic carrier Australian Airlines to Qantas in August 1992, giving it access to the national domestic market for the first time in its history. In 1998, Qantas co-founded the Oneworld alliance with American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. At the same time, Virgin Blue announced a major expansion in October 2001, which was successful in eventually pushing the Qantas domestic market share back to 60%.
Qantas had also developed a full-service all economy international carrier focused on the holiday and leisure market, which had taken on the formerly used Australian Airlines name. Qantas has also expanded into the New Zealand domestic air travel market, firstly with a shareholding in Air New Zealand and then with a franchise takeover of Ansett New Zealand. On 13 December 2004, the first flight of Jetstar Asia Airways took off from its Singapore hub to Hong Kong, marking Qantas' entry into the Asian cut-price market. On 14 December 2005 Qantas announced an order for 115 Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft (45 firm orders, 20 options and 50 purchase rights). Although Qantas did not choose the Boeing 777-200LR, it is rumoured that Qantas is still looking into buying aircraft* capable of flying Sydney-London non-stop. In December 2006, Qantas was the subject of a failed bid from a consortium calling itself Airline Partners Australia.
Qantas wholly owns Jetstar Airways, Jetconnect (which operates New Zealand domestic and some TransTasman services), QantasLink (including Sunstate Airlines and Eastern Australia Airlines), and Qantas Freight (which itself wholly owns Express Freighters Australia).

Qantas has stepped up the expansion of Jetstar, with the launch of international services (in addition to existing trans-Tasman and Jetstar Asia flights) to leisure destinations such as Bali, Ho Chi Minh City, Osaka and Honolulu having begun in November 2006.
The Boeing 747, which once constituted the entire Qantas fleet in the early 1980s, and of which Qantas operates 30, will be retired by the airline in the coming years.
On 1 July 2008 Qantas became a 58% shareholder in the Jetset Travelworld Group, by corporatising its leisure and corporate travel divisions; Qantas Holidays and Qantas Business Travel (QBT), and selling them to Jetset Travelworld Group. On 4 September 2008 the first Qantas Airbus A380 was registered in Australia, in the lead-up to a handover ceremony on 19 September.
On 2 December 2008, British Airways confirmed that talks were underway regarding a possible merger between the two companies. On 29 December 2008, Qantas flew its last scheduled Boeing 747-300 service, operating from Melbourne to Los Angeles via Auckland.
The easiest way to find the status of your air cargo shipment.
All were in use when we attemped to use them, although the staff helped to locate an available shower suite in the adjacent (business class) Sakura Lounge to avoid waiting. For those of us who never use or claim our FF points but do fly first class, we would like to know why there is no first class seats all year round by JAL betweeen Sydney and Tokyo (only available between Oct-Mar if JAL feels like it) and Qantas has none and still flies a very old 747. Below is ticket booking, sales city, airport contact details, however it can be categorized as head, lost & found, cargo office, corporate and main office. Below is ticketing sales city and airport office contact details, however it can be categorized as head, lost & found, cargo office, corporate, airport and main office. Below is ticketing sales city  office contact details, however it can be categorized as head, lost & found, cargo office, corporate, airport and main office. The name was originally "QANTAS", an acronym for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services". In 1928 a chartered Qantas aircraft made the inaugural flight of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, departing from Cloncurry. This linked up with the BOAC service to London, maintaining the vital communications link with England.
These aircraft were also deployed between Sydney and London in cooperation with BOAC, but were soon replaced by Douglas DC-4s. In 1952, Qantas expanded across the Indian Ocean to Johannesburg via Perth, Cocos Islands and Mauritius, calling this the Wallaby Route. The special shortened version for Qantas was the original version Boeing offered to airlines. This aircraft returned to Australia as VH-XBA in December 2006 for display in the Qantas Founders Outback Museum at Longreach, Queensland. In 1966, the airline diversified its business by opening the 450 room Wentworth Hotel in Sydney. The purchase saw the introduction of the Boeing 737 and Airbus A300 to the fleet i?? though the A300s were soon retired. The alliance commenced operation in February 1999, with Iberia and Finnair joining later that year. Market share for Qantas immediately neared 90%, with the relatively new budget airline Virgin Blue holding the remainder. To prevent any further loss of market share, Qantas responded by creating a new cut-price subsidiary airline Jetstar. This airline ceased operating its own liveried aircraft in July 2006, with the staff operating Qantas services before being closed entirely in September 2007, with the staff joining the new Qantas base in Cairns. In 2003, Qantas attempted and failed to obtain regulatory approval to purchase a larger (but still minority) stake in Air New Zealand.
The aircraft will allow Qantas to replace their 767-300 fleet, increase capacity and establish new routes. This bid failed in April 2007, with the consortium not gaining the percentage of shares it needed to complete the takeover.
However, Qantas operates a significant number of international flights into and out of Singapore Changi, Brisbane Airport, Los Angeles International and London Heathrow airports.
Qantas did have a minor 4.2% stake in Air New Zealand, but this was sold on 26 June 2007 for $NZ119 million. On some routes (such as Sydney-Honolulu) Jetstar supplements existing Qantas operations, but many routes are new to the network. The last three 747-300s were retired at the end of 2008 and the 747-400 series will be phased out beginning in 2013, replaced by the Airbus A380. This deal created a vertically integrated travel company with retail, wholesale and corporate sales arms.
They would merge as a dual-listed company with shares listed both on the London Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange. The final 747-300 flight was on 20 January 2009 when the last of the four 747-300s was ferried to the United States for storage, bringing to a close over 24 years and 524,000 flying hours of operations. Click the links of the airlines below and visit the airfreight tracking sites of the carriers.
Click the links of the airlines below and visit the airfreight tracking sites of the carriers. JAL 777-200 does not have flat beds in busineess class and I can't comment on the Qantas plane as I was never in one (most airlines have retired their 747s).
Nicknamed "The Flying Kangaroo", the airline is based in Sydney, with its main hub at Sydney Airport. The aircraft had a cruising speed of 105 kilometres per hour (65 mph) and carried one pilot and two passengers. In July 1938, this operation was replaced by a thrice weekly flying boat service using Shorts S.23 Empire Flying Boats. The 5,652 km non-stop sector was the longest flown up to that time by any airline, with an average flying time of 28 hours. They flew from Sydney to Gawler, Adelaide for refuelling than to Learmonth for the overnight stage to Ratmalana, where the plane refuelled for the flight to Karachi, where BOAC crews took over for the trip to UK.
Around this time, the British Government placed great pressure on Qantas to purchase the De Havilland Comet jet airliner, but Hudson Fysh was dubious about the economics of the aircraft and successfully resisted this.
Boeing lengthened the aircraft by ten feet for all other customers, which destroyed the economics for Qantas Pacific routes. The Boeing 707-138 was a shorter version of the Boeing 707 that was operated only by Qantas.
The same year, Qantas placed early options on the new Concorde airliner but the orders were eventually cancelled. Later in the decade, Qantas placed options on two McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft for flights to Wellington, New Zealand. The Boeing 747 fleet was upgraded from 1989 with the arrival of the new Boeing 747-400 series. Qantas was privatised in March 1993, with British Airways taking a 25% stake in the airline for A$665m. Oneworld markets itself at the premium travel market, offering passengers a larger network than the airlines could on their own.

To capitalise on this event, Qantas ordered Boeing 737-800 aircraft i?? obtaining them a mere three months later. This has been successful in keeping the status quo at around 65% for Qantas group and 30% for Virgin Blue with other regional airlines accounting for the rest of the market. Subsequently Qantas stepped up competition on the trans-Tasman routes, introducing Jetstar to New Zealand. Its domestic hubs are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide airports, but the company also has a strong presence in Cairns and Canberra airports. The lower cost base of Jetstar allows the previously unprofitable or marginal routes to be operated at greater profitability.
Qantas is also considering the Airbus A350 or the Boeing 777-300ER to replace the 747-400s in addition to the A380; the Boeing 787 may also take over some routes. The aircraft arrived on Australian soil on the morning of 21 September, when it touched down at Sydney Airport.Qantas' first route for the A380 was Melbourne to Los Angeles beginning on 20 October 2008, then from Sydney to Los Angeles.
However, on 18 December 2008, the two companies called off their merger discussions over ownership issues in the aftermath of a merger.
The final 747-300 flight was also the last time a Qantas aircraft flew with a flight engineer.
It is Australia's largest airline and is the world's second oldest continuously operating airline (behind KLM).
Eighty-four year old outback pioneer Alexander Kennedy was the first passenger, receiving ticket number one.
The Sydney to Southampton service took nine days, with passengers staying in hotels overnight. Passengers received a certificate of membership to The Rare and Secret Order of the Double Sunrise as the sun rose twice during the flight.
The lengthening of the runway at Ratmalana enabled the diversion to Minneria to be eliminated, and soon Ratmalana was replaced by RAF Negombo. The network was expanded across the Pacific to Vancouver via Auckland, Nadi, Honolulu and San Francisco in early 1954 when it took over the operations of British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (BCPA). The airline successfully negotiated with Boeing to have the aircraft they had originally contracted for. The first jet service operated by Qantas was on 29 July 1959 from Sydney to San Francisco via Nadi and Honolulu.
The later delivery date allowed Qantas to take advantage of the -200B version, which better suited its requirements. The delivery flight of the first aircraft VH-OJA was a world record, flying the 18,001 km from London to Sydney non-stop.
This unusually short time between order and delivery was possible due to the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States i?? the subsequent downturn in the US aviation market meant American Airlines no longer needed the aircraft they ordered. British Airways sold its 18.5% stake in Qantas in September 2004 for i??425 million, though keeping its close ties with Qantas intact. This announcement came after a long battle between Boeing and Airbus to meet the airline's needs for fleet renewal and future routes.
Via its freight subsidiary Qantas Freight, it owns 50% of both Australian air Express and Star Track Express (a trucking company), with the other 50% of both companies owned by Australia Post.
The second A380, which was delivered in December 2008, increased the service frequency on the same routes.
If the merger between Qantas and British Airways and the previously announced merger between British Airways and Iberia Airlines had both occurred, it would have created the largest airline company in the world.
Qantas is headquartered in the Qantas Centre in the Mascot suburb of the City of Botany Bay, Sydney, New South Wales. The airline operated air mail services subsidised by the Australian government, linking railheads in western Queensland.
For the single year of peace that the service operated, it was profitable and 94% of services were on time. The service was renamed the Kangaroo Service and the passenger award became The Order of the Longest Hop. On 5 September 1959, Qantas became the third airline to fly jets across the Atlantic i?? after BOAC and Pan Am, operating between London and New York as part of the service from Sydney.
This was named the Fiesta route and was from Sydney to London via Tahiti, Mexico City, and Bermuda.
Also in 1967, Qantas Empire Airways changed its name to Qantas Airways, the name of the airline today.
In March 1979, Qantas operated its final Boeing 707 flight from Auckland to Sydney, and became the only airline in the world to have a fleet that consisted of Boeing 747s only. The public share offer took place in June and July of that year, with the government receiving A$1.45b in proceeds. The delivery positions were reassigned to Qantas on condition the aircraft remained in American Airlines configuration for later possible lease purposes.
The first of the 787s were originally scheduled to be delivered in August 2008, with the 787-9s coming in 2011.
Since its privatisation in 1993, Qantas has been one of the most profitable airlines in the world. Subsequent aircraft to be delivered will further expand services, initially on the Kangaroo Route. All of the turbojet aircraft were converted to upgraded turbofan engines in 1961 and were rebranded as V jets from the Latin vannus meaning fan.
That same year Qantas introduced Business class i?? the first airline in the world to do so. However on 10 April 2008 Qantas announced that the intended August delivery of the 787s has been delayed for a further 15 months from the original delivery date. It was voted 3rd best airline in the world in the 2008 World Airline Awards (with surveys conducted by Skytrax).
Enemy action and accidents destroyed half of the fleet of ten, when most of the fleet was taken over by the Australian government for war service. Investors outside Australia took a strong interest in the float, securing 20% of the stock which, together with British Airways 25% holding, meant that, once floated on the stock exchange, Qantas was 55% Australian owned and 45% foreign owned. In the interim, Qantas Chief Executive Officer Geoff Dixon stated that Qantas will claim substantial liquidated damages from Boeing under the purchase agreement, and use those funds to offset the costs of leasing alternative aircraft. Although still a drop from the 2nd place position it held in 2005-6, it improved its 2007 position of 5th place.
By law, Qantas must be at least 51% Australian-owned, and the level of foreign ownership is constantly monitored.
Qantas also negotiated the lease of six Airbus A330 aircraft for Jetstar International operations. In addition to this the airline received awards for Best First Class Lounge, Best Airline Australasia, Best Economy Class Onboard catering and Best Regional Airline Australasia.

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