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You must enter code to your phone – the same as if you wanted to select a number to someone. Completing a survey costs nothing and we need it to maintain this website. Actions usually are free, like installing 7-zip or completing the survey.
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With analyzing the IMEI, calculates the severity of the lock and determines the unlock code.

The number of operations of the program is not limited – you can unlock as many phones as you want. What’s more – we prepared version for mobile devices – so, you can download HTC Unlock Code Generator 1.1 also on Android or iOS phone! Short tutorial – how to generate unlocking codes with our program?
If you can’t find IMEI, type *#06# in your phone – now IMEI should be displayed on the screen. The work of HTC Unlock Code Generator 1.1 will start and soon you can expect the finished unlock code, which will be displayed after ending of calculating.

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