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The LG Revere is a basic cell phone for Verizon Wireless customers who want to make voice calls. The LG Revere 2 is a fine choice for Verizon Wireless users that only need a simple phone to make voice calls.
There's nothing fancy about the LG Revere 2, a new little flip phone for Verizon Wireless. The internal 2-inch LCD has 220-by-176-pixel resolution, which is similar to what you'll find on most flip phones, but that doesn't make it look any better. Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. The LG Revere VN150 is a CDMA clamshell-style cell phone featuring a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth compatibility, voice dialing, GPS, and a speakerphone with its own dedicated key.
It’s not a rugged phone, but it feels like it will stand up to some abuse, especially around the thick hinge and matte sides and battery panel.

It's made entirely of plastic, with a dark gray finish on the back panel and a faux brushed aluminum pattern on the front. Viewing angles are particularly narrow here; you won't be able to see much of anything if you tilt the phone much more than 20 degrees in any direction.
The Revere also supports MMS and SMS text messaging, and this no-frills device is excellent at what it was primarily designed for - making and receiving high quality phone calls. The Revere doesn't do much else, but it will be enough for subscribers who are just looking for a simple, voice phone. No one is looking at the Revere 2 expecting the same sort of features and performance you'd get from a smartphone.
There's a black plastic ring around the center of the phone that extends inside when you flip it open.
There's also a black and white 0.98-inch external display with 96-by-96-pixel resolution that tells you the time, date, reception, and battery life.

This reliable cell phone also offers support for multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.
Instead, what you get is a simple, attractive flip phone with good call quality that's free with a contract. If you're looking for more, keep looking, but if you only need to make calls, the LG Revere 2 will suit you just fine. The numeric keypad features slightly textured, oversize keys that feel great to dial numbers on.

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