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Purchase a Ontario virtual number and anyone dialing that virtual local number in Ontario would connect to your phone in Canada, US or other country, but they would pay only local phone rates. This allows you to provide relatives or a business office or business clients in Ontario a local phone number they can dial to reach you in the Canada or U.S. One of the key tools to help with the expansion of your business is a virtual phone number. A Ontario Virtual Phone Number is essentially a regular telephone number; however, it is not installed in your office or home. For example, during the work week incoming calls can be set to be forwarded to one's workplace, but on weekends to one's mobile phone. A Ontario virtual phone number is a great way to have a contact number in CANADA without a need for a physical presence there. A Ontario Virtual Phone Number allows you to expand your business, and give your customers a local Ontario number to call, without the cost of opening a physical location.

Virtual Phone Numbers are very popular with companies that conduct sales, marketing, customer service, consulting and call center business activities that require considerable telecommunication. You purchased a virtual Ontario phone number that rings to your mobile phone in the Toronto-Canada, so your mother can call you anytime by simply dialing a Ontario local virtual number. You purchased a Ontario virtual phone number that rings to your mobile phone in Los Angeles, U.S. It has allowed local businesses to broaden their reach and achieve regional, national, and even international prowess. A Virtual Number is a local number that you can have in Ontario and all your calls will be forwarded to your destination number where ever you are in the world.
This allows you to be available receive incoming calls worldwide anytime and at your convenience. Anyone who dials your Ontario virtual number by regular phone will be able to contact you no matter where you physically are.

Once a Ontario virtual number is registered, in many cases, registered users can easily set their virtual phone numbers to forward calls to different telephone numbers (both landlines and mobile phones) depending on their preference. For example, you could have a US based phone number with a Los Angeles area code that will ring in Toronto today and tomorrow in Paris, while the person calling you will be charged for the call to US. Your calls are transferred to your office or cell number, in a different location, while the person calling thinks they are calling a local phone number. Our competitive per minute forwarding rate is simply deducted from your pre-paid online account.

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