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Find My Phone is the solution if you want to make sure you know where your phone is at any time. You can view and track the location of your lost phone on the map using GPS, if the GPS is not connected then its tracking using Google Location Service. Keywords: Locator, Finder, Find, Droid, Tracker, CellPhone, Cell, Phone, SeekDroid, Find, Lost, Stolen, Phone, Locate, Security, Tracker, Where’s my Droid, Wheres my Droid, Find My Phone, Seek. We're back again with another fabulous set of games more than worthy of gracing your Android screen.
For more information about MobileMe and its new features, you can check out the official homepage.
I need to locate my i phone, can some one help me with these througha “mobile me” on the i-phone?
Your Find My iPhone app must be enabled in the iCloud settings on your device for you to locate it with this application.
The Find My iPhone app uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi data, and cell tower data to locate the missing phone.
Using Find My iPhone application does not seem to have much a negative effect on the battery life, which is a positive. Find My iPhone app delivers precise enough results; however, the missing device must have its Find My iPhone feature as well as the internet switched ON for it to be successfully tracked.

That person will receive your location and map will be displayed if that person is also having Find My Phone application installed, else only Latitude & Longitude will be sent over SMS. Cautious: Once this application enabled, anybody can track you, this could be a security threat, and we are working to have password protection for same. The popular developer has just announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the next ones to make their way into mobile. We've taken a look-back at our favorite stories of the week and gathered them right her for you to get your teeth into. Simply access this feature, MobileMe will remotely locate the lost iPhone via its built-in GPS and show you the approximate position on a map. We regularly publish detailed how-to guides, tips and useful tweaks so as to take your device to next level.
The app basically let users use another iOS device to find their iPhone and protect the data, in case they’ve lost it somewhere.
And thanks to its Apple origins, Find My iPhone app has one killer feature; the ability to remotely delete the phone contents if you suspect that the device has fallen into wrong hands. To use the above function and other features offered by MobileMe, you’ll have to pay an annual subscription fee of US$99.
However, the app does not plot the route up to the device; better integration with iOS Maps app would have been great.

The app also lets you remotely lock down the phone, play a loud sound, or even display a customized message on the screen. Other than sending text message, MobileMe also allows you to play a sound on the lost iPhone. Conversely, it goes without mention that one needs to have Location Services enabled on their iPhones to use all three services. Apple knows it’s unfortunate for you to misplace your iPhone and so, MobileMe will help you locate it. So, when you find your iPhone is nearby but you just can’t locate it, this feature may help.
For the last resort, in order to protect your privacy, MobileMe also offers a Remote Wipe feature that lets you restore the lost iPhone to the factory settings. That means, all your contacts, SMS and other confidential information can be totally removed by using Remote Wipe that prevents the information from being used by strangers.

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