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I lost my cell phone once and after some time scavenging around the house I decided to do the next obvious thing.
Setting up the Google latitude phone tracking service is lengthy but quite cool once you get it working. Using Find Cell Phone Numbers you can do a reverse cell phone number research and gain information about any US or Canada cell phone number. It won't take more than a couple of minutes, but your opinion is very important to future users of the program and to the author of the program. No matter if you just lost your phone or want to know where are your buddies: now you can locate any phone simply by entering its number! Locating current position works fine but when I tried to get the 24h log it rendered for like 30 minutes. Most of us had had a horrible moment when we discovered we lost a cell phone and didn't know what to do other than scavenge around the house. Basically when you call the phone number on your cell phone the cell phone signal can triangulate approximately where your cell phone is located.

There are simple devices sold at retail electronics stores that are often known as key locators.
Information you can discover includes full name and current address of the cell phone number owner. If you leave your email right now we will send you tomorrow an invitation to evaluate the program.
Second time is usually accurate and the first one seems to be off from time to time (~100 meters).
It is good to prevent fraudulent phone and fax numbers with the help of this freeware program. If you need help in learning how to find a lost cell phone follow along with this article which should provide you more information on how to locate lost cell phone and attached accoutrements.
This is excellent if you have no idea how to locate a lost cell phone and have no idea where your lost cell phone could be. These simple devices can easily be attached to cell phone cases as a preventative device and act like a simple lost cell phone finder in the event that you actually misplace your phone.

The trick here though is that you don't have to use this as a fried tracking service you can simply set yourself up so that you can track the whereabouts of your phone in case you lose it. The program can not only show the current location of the phone but also a 24 hours (or 10 km) log of the places where the phone has been. As it turns out there were a number of products and services available that showed promise in helping me locate my lost cell phone. All you need to do is phone number and it has to be turned on – and you will get the location with only a couple of meters in error. You will also be able to check it in Google Maps and use satellite view (or even street view).

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