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The Long Beach Fire Department ordered the closure Wednesday night over concerns the material could cause skin irritation or other adverse health effects.
The closure was continued after authorities assessed the beach Thursday afternoon and determined tar balls were still washing up on shore. By Thursday morning, crews scooped up about 55 gallons of the sticky substance from the shoreline about 25 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, Heflin said. Clean-up operations were expected to continue, with volunteers and contractor Ocean Blue working at area beaches.

Tar balls also led to recent beach closures in nearby Manhattan Beach and farther northwest in Ventura County.
Nothing has been ruled out, including last month's spill of thousands of gallons of crude on the Santa Barbara County coast, about 140 miles to the northwest. The city of Seal Beach also reported an increase Thursday in the number of tar balls found on the beach. The Coast Guard determined there was no need to close the beach and suggested letting the tar balls dissipate naturally, city officials said.

The material did not appear related to oil and gas extraction operations in the area, Heflin said.

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