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This window lets you search on-line for NAPA store parts, assess availability and add selected parts to an invoice. Once you identify the vehicle you can search for parts by category, job, keyword, Part # or OEM Part #. Once you identify the vehicle, and the part parameters the resulting list of the parts found meeting your criteria are displayed in this tab. Automatically displays the amount of stock in your inventory for each part in the list (checked or not).
Displays the amount of stock at NAPA for each part (once you click either the [Check Availability] button or Availability cell). Or at NAPA suggested list price (once you click either the [Check Availability] button or Availability cell). When applicable displays the Cash on Return (CORE) value for rebuildable parts that can be redeemed for a portion of their original purchase price. Click in the cell to open a drop-down dialog displaying comments associated with the selected part. Click in the cell to open the Availability dialog box which shows whether the part is available at the NAPA store selected in your setup and what your cost is.

Click the button to check the NAPA availability of all checked parts in the list and populate the Napa Stock, Cost and List columns for parts that are in stock. Click the button to add the selected parts to the invoice and open the Stock Warning dialog box (where you can back order or special order the stock).
Click the button to return to the Invoice Details window without adding any parts to the invoice.
To search for a person by name on Pipl just enter their first name, last name, city state or country. Pipl search also has a reverse email lookup that lets you search any given email address across numerous deep web sites, discussion forums and social networks.
The Pipl username search can locate numerous places online where a given username for a person is registered or appears.
A reverse phone number search on Pipl will find public and deep web sites where the phone number is listed. If you are trying to find a person online or do background research on people, then Pipl is one of a number of free people search engines that you will want to try in your quest to find someone.
The window has three tabs that you need to use in a specific order: Vehicle Search, Part Search and then Results.

CORE charges are usually collected for engines, crank shafts, alternators, radiators and brake shoes. Pipl will search numerous people-related websites for the person you are trying to find, including social networks, personal profiles and deep web sites. You may be surprised at how much personal profile information Pipl’s reverse email search can find out about a person with an email address lookup.
Searching a username on Pipl will return people’s profile pages and other online sites where the username appears. Again, Pipl’s free reverse phone number lookup search can be very helpful when trying to find a person online with a given home phone, business phone or cell phone number. To have this option available you need to Set up the NAPA Prolink feature in the Setup Wizard.

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