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Create or join an online community to share your stories and expertise and learn from others. The simple truth is that more than forty percent of resumes received by employers contain distorted or false information. Your conscience wants to end the affair while your heart finds incredible fulfillment inside the illicit relationship. Sometimes it is needed to look up MAC address of the devices like computers, routers, LAN or some others.
It is easy to know the IP addresses in the network, but do you know that you can also easily lookup MAC addresses in your network? If you want to make a backup with all the network clients after lookup MAC address, you are able to save the scanning results by IP - MAC Scanner.
If you want to send short message to remote desktop after lookup MAC address, you need to find the IP address of this MAC address. This tool match a MAC address to its manufacturer or match a manufacturer to the MAC addresses it uses. A MAC address (Media Access Control address) is a unique identifier stored on network interface cards (e.g.

Universal administered MAC addresses assigned to devices by their manufacturers (burned-in).
Not all manufacturers make their OUI public and the OUI may not be the actual manufacturer because of subcontracting.
Local administered MAC addresses assigned to devices by network administrators, overriding the burned-in (stored) addresses. The first three bytes identifies the manufacturer also known as the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI). The following three (MAC-48 and EUI-48) or five bytes (EUI-64) are assigned by the manufacturer. If the number of MAC addresses entered is less than 1000, the found manufacturer name and its corresponding address is displayed. The found Organizationally Unique Identifiers (OUI), manufacturer names and addreses can be found in the ouput area. It can be used to Lookup MAC Addresses and find MAC Address Information for network adapters. IP - MAC scanner is such kind of program which can help you fast lookup MAC addresses on LAN.

You can also get all the IP addresses, and analyze the network status by compare the MAC addresses to IP addresses. It supports to sniff packets from the network traffic, as well as to lookup MAC addresses from communication details. Information such as company details (company name, address, and country) by the MAC address of the product.
It can not only lookup MAC addresses from static IP addresses, but also can lookup MAC addresses from those DHCP clients in wireless network. If there is unknown client connected to the network, you will find it in the analytics results. MACAddressView utilizes it's own internal MAC addresses database to display the information about the MAC Address. IP - MAC Scanner supports to analyze the scanning results, and you will be able to know whether there is unregistered MAC addresses connected to the network.

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