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In parallel, operators will seek the introduction of criminal liability in the United States to change the ID phone, said the Associated Press referring to Sen.
If you’ve an iPhone, iPad or Android on Verizon network with bad ESN, you can order this service to get your device cleaned. Cell phone theft is among the fastest-growing crime segments in the US and police commissioners from around the nation are fed up.
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There are many resources available on the internet to check your device but many fall short of giving accurate and full results. Local buyers on Craigslist, Kijiji or other online websites that offer advertisements for local transactions. Companies or Individuals who buyback phones for resale including cell phone repair shops, eBay sellers etc. The value of a device that has a bad ESN, MEID or IMEI on Verizon is significantly less than one with a good ESN Number.
A Verizon IMEI is really a technical incorrect word to use since IMEI is related to GSM carrier handset identification.
Contract Obligation Fulfilled – The subscriber on Verizon must have fullfilled their contact obligation in regards to acquiring the specific handset being checked. If you call up, make sure you ask them to check both their DMD (device management database) and the Lost or Stolen List. As I said earlier, you can use these for reference but the best place to check is directly with Verizon! For devices that have a batter compartment, this is usually under the battery on the manufactures label.
With iPhone connected, click Phone Number to rotate through other device information including MEID, IMEI (when applicable), and ICCID. With iPad (Cellular models) connected, click Serial Number to rotate through other device information including CDN, MEID, IMEI (when applicable), and ICCID. Many of these techniques will give you the MEID number which may need to be converted, depending on who you’re checking the ESN with or trying to activate the phone through an official post-paid carrier or prepaid MVNO.

Suppose your Storm2 is stolen and you have the top secret formulas of Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken on it. Thats awesome but i've had this idea for a long time and i'm sure many other people did too. However, I wonder how the GPS works when you don't have the phone to use it on, and if you're using a computer, how do you manage to keep the GPS going long enough to find the phone? How to find a lost or stolen cell phone - wirefly learn, So you've lost or misplaced your cell phone?
How to Find a Lost or Stolen Cell Phone - Wirefly Learn So you've lost or misplaced your cell phone?
You should write it down somewhere and in case your cell phone is lost or stolen, you should provide this number to your cellular operator. NEXT POSTA Guide To Choose The Best Cell Phone Service Providers Excellularwireless.biz has been at the forefront of shopping online for wireless services since late 2007. After that, it must be activated within 5 days of cleaning, otherwise it might go bad again. Technically, these numbers are the same and the are simply a calculated variable of one another.
However the seller after you’ve purchased it from them might not pay their bill or remove the phone from their line which would end up having a bad ESN at a later point in time. The largest scenario you want to watch out for is when a Verizon device was just recently used!
Ask if the phone was recently deactivated and if their is a possibility the handset could end up turning into a bad ESN device if the user doesn’t pay their bill. This way, incase something happens by the time arrives to me if I ordered from eBay or somewhere online and want to activate it at a future point in time, you’ll have some leverage. Only do this method if you bought the device new as it’s possible if you bought it used or refurbished that the sim card tray was swapped out or not the original from the device. But if you are a Verizon customer who has signed up for the carrier's Total Equipment Coverage, you can add Big Red's new Mobile Recovery plan for free. Thanks to the Mobile Recovery service, any sensitive information on the phone can be protected by locking the handset. I have mine set to check my GPS 1 time every hur and save my location, all the way until my battery reaches 10% power it will check once an hour and save my coordinance. Before purchasing a Verizon Wireless cell phone from anywhere other than a Verizon Wireless store, ensure that the cell phone has not been declared lost or stolen.

I just reacently lost my verizon cell phone and really need my contact numbers that i had on it, is there any way I can get them????? The Verizon Support & Protection app helps to protect your mobile device from viruses, guard your privacy, and locate and lock a lost device with GPS.
You can make their job much easier with a simple idea that they are trying to get everyone to adopt: ICE.
The database, which will be maintained by each carrier, will track all phones reported stolen and remotely deny them voice and data service. Depending on the manufacture and phone model, MEID is usually listed on the back of the phone under the battery. Carriers plan to track the individual phones with serial numbers associated with each device. Most likely because this converted ESN number is shorter in length and is easier to fit and requires a smaller bar code. If the phone cannot be recovered, filing a claim with your Total Equipment Coverage protection could lead to a replacement unit in your hands as soon as the next day.If you are a Verizon customer with Total Equipment Coverage, head over to the sourcelink to sign up for Mobile Recovery.
If you don't hear the alarm, Mobile Recovery will take you to the phone's last known location using GPS and giving you turn by turn directions that will lead you straight to the device. Not only is it free, but it just might save you from the aggravation that goes along with losing your phone.. And if you text the phone "GPS My Droid", it will send you it's location and you can see it exactly on Google Maps.
Even if the phone was  turned off or the battery was dead, Mobile Recovery will still provide you with the device's last known location. The later two are reportedly working include extra checks to ensure that both the phone and the SIM card are legit. The Big Four are also reportedly rolling out PSA drives, prompting users to set a screen-unlock password and take other bare-necessity security measures.

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