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The runbo x5 military android smartphone packs all the modern specifications you need while having the subtlety and durability of a brick.
The phone works, I bought this device for hunting, it works well with the nature of its environment Other phone is unable to perform these duties. If You Like This Post, Share With Your Friends & Don’t Forget To Join Samples N Freebies N Deals On Facebook!
The X1 rugged phone has a 2-inch display with a resolution of 176 x 144 pixel, laser pointer, and a very loud speaker. First look at the workmanship is also good, and then put the phone card ready loaded up, and soon the search to a signal, a call sound good! Many stores and restaurants offer Veteran’s Day 2014 discounts to active and retired military members, but cell phone carriers and tech companies like Apple offer year round Military discounts on cell phone service, accessories and new Apple computers.
Veteran and Military discounts at cell phone carriers are fairly common, especially among the big names in wireless service. Current and retired military members will need to bring proof to get the discount, in the form of an ID or DD Form 214. The military member or veteran will need to be the primary account holder for the discount and most times it does not apply to the added lines. Here’s the information you need to start saving on your monthly cell phone bill as a thank you for your service. Get 15% military discount for active duty, reserves and veterans from most wireless carriers and from Apple. Verizon offers a Veteran discount as well as a discount to active service members and federal employees. Users with a military email can sign up online for $25 off an online orders and enroll using the AT&T Premier site.

Sprint’s military discount is 15% off the monthly bill for active and retired military members. Active and retired military members and federal employees qualify for a discount from Apple. Apple’s military discount drops $100 off the price of a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and many other Macs.
Believe me when I tell you that Verizon has no intention in allowing us veteran to apply for a discount. T Mobil says it has a discount for vets, getting it seem to be an exercise in corporate misdirection – I would like to hear if anyone has received this discount. We get a 15% discount with att for active military but only for the base plan and only the main line. Preloaded with Android 4.0 and with 1GB of RAM, she also handles the most demanding mobile applications with ease. It has also 0.3MP front-facing camera, belt clip, side slot for SIM card (you can change SIM card without opening the phone) and a 2200mAh battery.
These carriers do not require users to go in to a store on Veteran’s Day to get these deals, though many times you will need to go into a store to get the discount set up. Switching to the primary on an account is a free and easy process that customer support can help with. Apply online at The Verizon Employee Eligibility Program page, where you will need a Paystub, Veteran’s ID Card or DD Form 214. This is the name of T-Mobile’s employee discount program and it should offer around 15% off to active duty and veterans. Users can verify their status online by entering their cell phone number and then supplying military orders, a W2 or DD 214 to verify their eligibility.

If you just singed up for a discount it may make sense to skip this discount until you are ready to renew and get a new phone.
As connectivity, the Runbo X1 featurephone works in quad-band GSM, 800MHz CDMA, and software-ready walkie-talkie.
You can also apply in store, though you may need a manager to help you get set up if the customer service rep is not aware of the program.
The price of a new phone is discounted by hundreds of dollars when you are able to sign a new contract, so keep that in mind before signing up. We have uploaded it 4 times now on the website and every time we get a notice that it has been rejected because the date is illegible and not within 60 days. Got 15% off, but discount only applies to the data portion and not the plan saving me a couple dollars only.
There are a lot of varying discounts so don’t be surprised if the first person you talk to is not aware of the program. So, my plan is to now get this information and my experience out over the internet to as many sites and reviews as I possibly can. Although the attempt by Verizon is to look patriotic, the reality is that they have made this process for veterans discount impossible so they can claim they offer it but really do not.

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