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ReviewsReviewsSee all Review of Sprint by Jake Knapp, How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days.April 22, 2016 How to deliver a killer TEDx talk. Porting in mobile network terms is the moving of ones existing mobile number from one company to another. I’ve been with Three Ireland for the past year but while I’m very happy with their services and price (I get unlimited data which I can tether with, 3000mins Three to Three calls, Free unlimited calls any time of day to landlines 350 flex units where 1 unit = 1minute of call time or 2 sms messages all for 30euro per month) I’m always looking for a bargain. Three in the end gave me 2 months free so I decided to port mid the second free month as I had credit on the account, but in general I’d recommend checking to see If you need to give 30days notice before you leave so you don’t get charged twice (by two different networks) for the same month.  A quick call to your network will confirm this.
I’ll note now that I have not received my last bill from Three but I’ll update this post with that info once I’ve received it.
As ports go this was fairly painless but I do get the feeling from speaking to friends, family and colleagues that the networks can end up profiting from these moves. I would advise getting copies of your last few bills before you leave a network as they invariably shut down your on line account once you’ve ported so you end up with no access to old details. Dublin based business, DialFX Limited, has announced details of an innovative new “Private Number” unblocking service for mobile phone users.
The new service will provide mobile phone users with a secure solution which can retrieve incoming “Private” or “Withheld” phone numbers originating from any landline or mobile. Up to now, the only method of tracking a “Private Number” caller was to make a nuisance complaint, applying only to extraordinary circumstances.
A nuisance complaint is not appropriate for the many thousands of frustrated call recipients, who have to contend with anonymous calls daily.
Now, has developed a mechanism to reveal “Private” or “Withheld” numbers on request.

Commenting on the new service, Tony Kelly, from DialFX Limited said, “We have developed a remarkable system which will be useful to all mobile phone users. Many people no longer answer “Private Number” calls, while some callers don’t realise their number is being been withheld. A few years ago in Norway we worked with an application for Symbian devices which ID’d callers using a lookup service on the fly, since then various versions of this concept have rolled out across Europe. Photogrammetry, startups, entrepreneurs, TEDx, Google Ventures, fintech, blockchain, bitcoin and moreMay 1, 2016 Profound, invisible revolutions have already changed the tech world. Here’s my experience of doing exactly that when I recently moved from Three Ireland to Meteor.
So when Meteor launched their bill pay light online only discounted plan I decided to go with it. This was a little hassle some as I had to sign for the package so I had to get the sim card redirected  to my work place as I would not be at home during the day. Once you’ve paid your last bill to your old network make sure you cancel and direct debits for them with your bank so no more charges can go through.
I would be getting 200mins, 200sms, free meteor to meteor calls and texts and 1GB of data for 15.25euro per month.
Once I received it I called up Meteor and asked to port my number which took about 2 hours.
Well your old network can bill you for time they are not on the network, the new network can avoid applying a discount (as experienced by me) to a part month or can even bill for a full month. I got my 50% discount on my April portion (10th of April to the 9th of May) but I received no discount on the portion of the month I’d used (29th March to 9th of April).

Most people seem to pay their bills without much checking, or maybe just don’t want the hassle of chasing up these over charges.
Your old network should post out your last bill 14 days in advance of taking payment for it but I’ve both heard and experienced monies being taken from customers without them receiving the final paper bill.
Have to say up until now, just like when I moved to Three from O2, everything went smoothly. But I’ve heard and found myself that it’s the first bill and the last bill from the new and old network respectively that causes the issues.
Initially they said the discount is 15 euro off per bill and that as I’d received only 1 bill I was only entitled to a single discount. Make sure that you monitor your first few bills from your new network closely to ensure you’re getting charged properly and you’re getting on the correct allowances with your new plan (free addon etc…). I pointed out that if this was the case and Meteor “accidently” didn’t bill me for 6 months, eventually when the bill did arrive would I only get 15euro off?
I also linked to the plans T&C’s which state “Customer will be entitled to receive a monthly discount of 50% off their Meteor Bill Pay Lite 30 bill”. They did cave eventually saying that this should have been explained to me but they would issue the discount for the part bill (I’ll let you know when I get this and if I’ve any more hassle).

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