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A new DigiTimes report claims that the Apple is working on integrating wireless charging, alongside HTC and Samsung.
Apple’s next flagship is almost certainly the iPhone 5S, which could arrive between July and August according to recent rumors. The iPhone 5S may feature a fingerprint reader beneath the home button, according to multiple sources, and will likely arrive with an improved camera, faster processor and rumors of anodized color options; but with all these new features it would be a big surprise to see a redesign. If Apple plans to include wireless charging in the iPhone, expect a wait until the iPhone 6. The prevalence of wireless charging is increasing in smartphones like the HTC Droid DNA, Nokia Lumia 920 and the LG Nexus 4.
Apple’s next flagship smartphone iPhone 6 could partnered with China Mobile later this year as an effort to grab a market of 500 million poeple. According to PatentlyApple, this has become possible after QualComm’s new solution for LTE by supporting TD-LTE. A sleek new iPhone 6 concept skips the futuristic fluff and shows us what the iPhone 6 could actually look like with a thinner waterproof design, magic trackpad like home button, a better camera and a design that’s believable. This sharp-looking iPhone 6 concept comes to us from Arthur Reis, who wants to be a designer at Apple. If Apple does make an iPhone 6 without a home button, expect some new method of activating the home button. In this iPhone 6 concept Reis imagines an iPhone with a home button that is much like the Apple Magic Trackpad.
This new home button area allows users to tap anywhere to control the iPhone’s home button. While it’s not visible at a design level, the iPhone 6 concept is also waterproof and rugged. There are numerous companies that offer waterproofing services direct to manufacturers like Apple and even directly to iPhone owners so this is not out of the question.
When Gotta Be Mobile asked Case Mate if the company was working on any waterproof or rugged cases at CES 2013 the company told us that they don’t have any in the plans. While Apple has yet to release a rugged smartphone, there is a huge demand for waterproof cases, which could lead the company to fill the void with the next major redesign, rumored to be the iPhone 6. With skills like that users wouldn’t need an iPhone 6 case to carry their iPhone without a worry. Check out the full set of iPhone 6 concept photos on Arthur Reis’ Flickr page and in the gallery below. One iPhone 6 concept from Arthur Reis, showing a waterproof iPhone 6 with no home button and a stronger finish.
I don’t see any compelling reason to go thinner and several for sticking with the status quo or even going slightly thicker (better battery life and better camera optics being the most obvious ones).

I love the idea of a waterproof iPhone; but rather than go still thinner, I’d just add more battery. The thinkbym iPhone 6 concept puts buttons on notice, trading them in for touch sensitive controls for the current iPhone buttons, which helps with the dramatically thinner design.
Thanks to the lack of any physical buttons this iPhone 6 concept measures just 5.5mm thick.
When it comes to the design aesthetics, we get a look at chamfered edges similar to those on the iPhone 5, but we also see an all metal design that wraps around the device. An 18MP camera is on the rear of this iPhone 6 concept and it includes a ring flash to help deliver a better overall image when users need to use a flash. I can’t see the new iPhone getting any thinner unless some sort of angled design is used.
There’s a lot of real estate not being wisely used on the iPhone, even though they keep polishing this brick concept to even thinner dimensions.
The report claims these companies are looking to integrate wireless charging into their flagship smartphones for 2013. While early reports suggested the iPhone 6 could launch late in 2013, it is more plausibly set for a 2014 launch. We expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature wireless charging or an option for a wireless charging back and Qi compatible plate.
While Qi wireless charging is an industry standard we discovered that not all Qi chargers will charge all Qi phones.
This new solution has enabled Apple to introduce its iPhone 6 in China with the largest telecom company in the world, China Mobile.
The move from China Mobile could give Apple the breakthrough in the world’s biggest market for smartphones.
It’s not like Apple, a company that stresses over a change in screen size, will up and change one of the primary means of controlling the iPhone without some kind of shift. This could potentially cause user input problems, but perhaps he is figuring in some iOS 7 software magic to prevent errant clicks and home button activations. This concept shows an iPhone capable of surviving 12m drops, scratches and can survive up to 10m underwater. Instead, Case Mate believes manufactures will solve waterproofing and ruggedness of smartphones in the next year or two, allowing the company to focus on style. Of course it sounds tough, but there is already a 6mm thick smartphone that’s strong enough to use as a hammer. The iPhone 6 has better battery life and wifi charging that’a the best idea apple has ever came up with, to conclude i believe the iPhone 6 needs to be the same size as the 5.
I heard apple gonna to make waterproof iphone as their innovation called iproof, what a loser company!

Try putting your iphone 6 in the freezer, oh, you dont have one coz you don’t even have any idea of what the real iphone 6 will be like before giving it credit, apple fanboy.
That’s 20% thinner than the iPhone 5 and thinner than the thinnest smartphone on the market, the Huawei Ascend P6. Features like the ear speaker are wrapped around the camera on the front of the iPhone 6 delivering a cleaner look. The designer claims there is a special low light mode and a special panorama mode on this concept. There is some chatter that an iPhone 6 release could come in early 2014, but other reports point to June 2014 or later.
Taking into consideration the size of the headphone jack, there is no room to get thinner, unless of course Apple creates their own proprietary headphone jack. To maximize the areas not in in use such as the back side, they could put in photo sensitive solar cells to use solar energy to help keep the battery alive a bit longer. Apple’s track record indicates that the iPhone 6, or the next, next iPhone, will come with a redesign.
From a third-party standpoint, we also expect to see more QI compatible chargers available to consumers and even wireless charging built into cars this year and into 2014. Apple owns several patents on wireless charging, but if the Qi standard develops better this year the company could choose to use a standard and not a proprietary method of wireless charging. However, to gain a solid base in China, Apple has to ensure lower prices for its really expensive iPhone sets. Rather than meld this into the iPhone 6 screen Reis chooses to leave the same bezel area in place as on the iPhone 5. The Chinese Oppo Finder is a 6.65mm thick phone that runs Android and can handle a work environment as shown in the video below. This may sound out of reach, but advances in screen technology are enabling thinner smartphone designs and more efficient processors can deliver longer battery life. Two front facing speakers direct sound at the user while 2 bottom facing speakers send even more sound out to fill a room. The redesign would allow Apple to include new features such as wireless charging, and possibly a larger screen option. Like many iPhone 6 concepts, this one features a touch sensitive home button that sits between two front facing speakers.

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