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It's free to use - just register your number and a few details about yourself (the more you share the easier it will be for others to find you), and get searching straight away. Create your own 100 number online mobile directory - so you'll never lose your precious numbers.
Great for businesses - add your company info, email address and website, so customers can find you fast. Man City and Chelsea are now so famous that there are now even mobile numbers that spell their names! Now type CHELSEA on the keypad (depending on your specific phone it will display 0778chelsea or 0zzxchelsea but it will dial the correct number).
Your phone will display the number that you have just dialled as 0778chelsea (it might display something different while it is dialling).
Your phone will display the number that you have just dialled as 0778chelsea in your log after you have phoned .
If the word that you are looking for has 9 digits there will only be 1 mobile number in the UK. Once you have discovered the meaning of your mobile number and you think that anyone will be interested in buying it, advertise your number in your local paper or for free on this website. You may wish to bring two mobile telephones with you to Russia for the following reason: one, with the British SIM-card, you can retain to contact friends or family (text-messaging) in your native country. Calling your home country: (by Nica, Oxford) Phone numbers are relatively easy once you get your head around them, and are pretty similar to UK phone numbers. Who inserts a 2 quid in a dead coffee vending machine – where you know you’d get neither your hot cuppa or the coin back?
Mobile casino licences are usually for a specified duration, during which associated regulatory bodies (like the UK Gambling Commission, or the LGA Malta) carry out periodic verification and assessment.
Once you determine that the casino operator’s licence is valid and active, look at the bottom part of the their website.
Okay, you now have an active and a fair mobile casino, but have you considered how you might actually interact with the casino, in terms of depositing money and withdrawing payouts? This one’s a real cringe but trust me, you’re likely to find yourself in a rut if the customer care details provided connect you to an impenetrable non-human system-generated message! If you ever happen to go through real money disputes, or feel that you’ve been cheated, you could log a complaint with regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission or the LGA Malta. After identifying a responsible and safe casino, you now have to determine if the mobile casino is a profitable place to play. What do you do when you have to transfer ?10,000 to your friend’s account for the first time? In my experience, I’ve come across mobile slot games which are hugely profitable over several spins on one hand, and on the other hand there are slots that require less initial investment but is a consistent payer.
Do you like chasing  huge progressive jackpots that some slots offer; or are you happier collecting regular payouts? Utilise your sign-up bonuses to test these assumptions, or play free demo games on the site. Most casinos offer a deposit match bonus (up to 100% for first deposit, and varying percentages for subsequent deposits). Nayana is Droid Slots’ main editor, who ensures that any content that goes on the website is reviewed and tested to a good standard.

While you can look at the whole of Droid Slots as one big user help guide for mobile casinos, it is in our guide section that we go into specific details on topics our readers might appreciate a little direction on.
Welcome to Droid Slots!Droid Slots is the best place online for mobile gamers to source information related to real money mobile casinos.
While we offer experienced players tips on where to find the newest casinos, freshest games, and best promotions, we also present newer players with guides and advice to get them ahead in the world of mobile casinos. Note we cover all types of phones (including iPhones), not just Android; and all types of games, not just mobile slots! You can now choose to make your DialNow calls via your regular phone with the Phone-to-Phone feature.
Your mobile number could spell the name of your business, business concept, first name or the name of your favourite sports team such as 0770 Builder, 0785 Caitlin or 07 Tottenham.
The only difference is that you press the number only once for the letter that you want to dial, even if it is the F S or X. The full UK phone number consists of 4 parts: the access code, the country code, the city code, and the landline number, for example 00 44 1234 123456. Gambling can be fun, but you should be sure that you’re playing at a safe mobile casino, otherwise you run the risk of passing your credit card details to a scammer, or end up wasting time and money playing games on an inactive site! The basic deposit options are using debit cards and credit cards, and the basic withdrawal options are direct bank transfers or cheques. If there’s a phone number on the site, ring them and ask a general question about new member promotions. Bonuses and Promotions vary between casinos, so it’s a good idea to look at this parameter when you want to play a specific game released at two or more casinos.
It’s best for you if your browser(s) and device transmit secure data over the internet.
You do a test transaction (usually less than 10% of your final amount), and verify whether your friend received the money. This strategy works well if you’re a jackpot-seeker or a long-term player because it allows you to optimise your gameplay for betting high, or for betting long enough.
A science researcher by training, she writes few articles each month for her section ‘Interviews’ and ‘Software Providers’. From starting out as a fresh-faced player to knowing the ropes as a top dog, there’s always more to explore and learn about when it comes to mobile gaming.
We have a special focus on the United Kingdom, but keep our eyes out around the world for the next big developments which will be important for our readers.
This is a neat feature which enables you to take your DialNow call on your home or mobile phone. The second mobile you can use locally in Yaroslavl as you will be provided with a Russian SIM-card on arrival, which will allow calling your group mates and hosting families in Yaroslavl at reasonable price.
In any case, one must verify the validity of casino’s licences, and play only on active casinos. Playing on such a casino is like making a crazy chess move that results in your own checkmate, even though you had other valid moves! Mobile casinos offer advanced depositing options which involve third party accounts like PayPal and Skrill, and Ukash vouchers, among others. Players, hence, usually prefer using Ukash vouchers, or phone billing options, in order to rule out any banking fraud that can occur over an unsafe internet connection.

It’s pretty much like flipping television channels until you settle on the right channel for your mood! Our guide articles are designed to be helpful for setting brand new players along on their way, as well as helping more established players tackle bigger and better challenges. If you don't have a second mobile telephone you can buy one at about 1000 rubbles (20 dollars).
The access code changes depending on which country you are calling from, and Russia's access code is 810. To put your mind at ease, check out our top 10 things to do before using real money to play your mobile casino games. The best deposit option that a mobile casino could provide, however, is phone (SMS) billing. You are no detective, but try to e-mail them with a generic question about sign-up or welcome bonus, and see if they respond.
She aspires to hold three successful (parallel) careers in writing, science research, and music in the years to come. If you need any guidance on any feature of mobile casinos – from playing games to banking to dealing with promotions and more – you could do a lot worse than checking out our guide section.
If you don’t receive a response within the next 7 days, it is unlikely that you ever will!
A representative of this company (MTC) will come to YRLC the next day you arrive and will provide you with the Yaroslavl SIM-card and a USB modem for your laptop.
Search our site for their names; read our game reviews of the casino (if any) before actually playing there.
With such casinos, it’s pointless to expect any kind of co-operation in case of real money disputes as well. Bring your laptop to Russia with you and you will be able to use the Internet, though it is quite slow.
The full Russian phone number consists of those same 4 parts, but the country code is 7 (for example 00 7 1234 123456) and an 8 replaces the 00 7 when ringing from within Russia (for example 81234 123456). Yaroslavl's city code is 4852, but just like in England, you don't need to ring this if you're ringing a landline from a landline. You can't phone abroad from your Russian mobile (you'll need to buy a phone card and dial from a landline) but you can send texts. There are machines dotted all over Yaroslavl to top up your mobile phone credit, usually in supermarkets and "produktis".
The Golden Ring Hotel is really useful as it has an ATM and mobile phone top up machine in the lobby. It's particularly handy on rent day when you don't want to take out large quantities of money from cash machines on the street. Just press the Phone-to-Phone button (from your contact list or make your call from the phone-to-phone tab). When texting an English number from a Russian phone, you don't need the 810 at the beginning, just +44; when texting a Russian phone from an English number, you don't need the 00 and the beginning, just +7.

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