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Sometimes we make announcements at the virion business grade VoIP blog to inform our customers and prospective customers about new services or price reductions. In an information-filled world of ‘noise’, savvy agents are creating personal real estate websites and pinging property sellers online via a blog and social media with content that is targeted and relevant. Our VoIP services can be used with your existing phone system (with the right adapter), a new VoIP phone system or using a softphone on your computer or smartphone. Not everyone can afford to buy multiple phones, or wants to carry two mobile phones with them all the time. In markets where users do not have separate SIM cards, this is the only solution for the user to get multiple phone numbers a€“ while in GSM markets it is a matter of usersa€™ preference and affordability. At the time of research, there were very few multiple SIM phones in the market from the known brands. We found a service offered by a local mobile phone dealer (Mobile Phone People, one of the Nokia authorized dealers) in Ghana. Interviewing the engineer who was working at this service center mentioned that this technology is from Finland, but cannot tell more about its source as it is a business secret.
I havena€™t had a chance yet to study how people actually manage multiple phone numbers a€“ the multiple identities on their dual SIM phones. This entry was posted in china, finland, ghana, japan, mobile phone use, shenzhen, technology, trend?, work on February 13, 2011 by younghee.
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Nearly half of Britons can only remember three telephone numbers because they are so reliant on storing information on their mobile phone, a survey has found.
The survey of 872 Britons also found that 81% of people said running out of battery on their smartphone had led to a bad experience. Four notable solutions are listed here a€“ please keep in mind that at the time of this research (2007), there was only very few mobile phone models that had the dual SIM feature. The extra SIM card is carried in a safe place such as inside wallet or inside the battery cover of the phone, which makes an intuitive storage for switching the cards. Users may maintain separate phone book on each of the phones a€“ sometimes intentionally (refer to 1.
He was proud to say that he was the first one who got trained for this operation in Ghana, and subsequently he trained others working currently in the shop. If the mobile usage goes beyond the voice calls, it will definitely require design considerations in various parts of the mobile phone applications, as it no longer is going to be an issue of cost management, but identity management.
As an Indian interaction designer based in Stockholm, I’d missed the chance to see this innovation happen in my country.
Some people who go for this solution are typically well aware of call divert function as it allows receiving calls from both numbers even though there is only one active number to make calls at a time.
Obviously after 4 years, this feature has become a de facto requirement for a mobile phone. There is an even more advanced operation, which requires a special SIM card imported from Finland.

The way this operation worked was brilliant at the short sight, but obviously I suspect that it may have the legal issues in terms of manipulating the network SIM card directly. Technologically and as a matter of market availability, owning multiple mobile phone numbers is now very easy. When affordability is not an issue, physically separating the phone per number provides the greater control over managing the multiple points of contacts. There are numerous new mobile phone brands popping up in India, and invariably all their products feature dual SIM, sometimes triple SIM functionality.
But its potential and implications is largely unexplored beyond the manufacturing of physical hardware. Either of these operations costs considerably high for the market, as it is more than purchasing a mobile phone. Therefore the clientele is mostly business people who do need to have two or more numbers but do not want to go through the inconvenience of switching SIM cards or carrying multiple phones.

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