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Thailand mobiles telephones handphones, Buying a mobile phone or service plan in bangkok, thailand for handphone service or landline telephones. Where to buy a cell phone or mobile phone in bangkok, If you’re going to be in bangkok, thailand, one of the things you may first want to do is to buy a cell phone or mobile phone.
Australia phone cards - international calling card with, Offers prepaid australia international phone cards with discount long distance rates to the world.
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Originally Posted by baldrick the reason I was suggesting the 7 inch as a phone is I doubt he calls that often ( no friends ) Twice a week phone calls - one made and one received. Originally Posted by withnallstoke (should i change my name to bettyboo?) Do you intend to make your purchase in 2015?
If you want it for GPS then before you do anything else go and sit in your car and picture where and how you might mount it.

My iphone in its rubber case for instance sits perfectly stable in a molding between the tacho and speedo without any need for a clamp.
The garmin app for thailand is cheap and works perfectly, almost as good as a dedicatd gps.
Originally Posted by Necron99 The garmin app for thailand is cheap and works perfectly And this is another can of worms. All government buildings are listed as well as shops malls, parks etc, but the best bit for thailand is it lists all Wats. If you are going somewhere you are unfamiliar with, just as the name of the local wat and choose it from the menu, much better than trrying to figure out the correct english address. Offers prepaid Australia international phone cards with discount long distance rates to the world. It has come to the people that online shopping is convenient and hassle-free, especially to the working people.

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