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As a matter of fact, the Nokia-based cell was especially designed to commemorate Germany's famous Nurburgring racing circuit. More importantly, the 100% authentic cell phone made in UK  is sold by its current owner with box, original accessories and paper. But now with the global recession striking the US, the Vertu mobile's owner is in need for some cash, so he is eager to sell it to any person ready to pay the price on the condition he or she lives in the US. If this offer appears tempting to you and you have the cash to spend on such an item, jump over on eBay and make a bid. I hope law enforcement, local or federal engages this guy in a reverse-sting type operation. It looks like T-Mobile USA will be among the first carriers to kick-off a new promotional offer this year.
In fact, almost the entire T-Mobile USA catalog will be discounted, so customers will be able to purchase their favorite handset for no more than $49.99 (38 EUR).
Obviously, all deals require customers to commit to a new two-year Unlimited Value plan, monthly fees starting at $10 on phones and $5 on mobile hotspots.

T-Mobiles USA’s timing for this promotional offer is pretty smart in light of the CES 2012 announcements, which are expected to bring new devices that will probably make the current ones obsolete. Either way for potential customers who do not want to wait until the big brands make their roadmaps for 2012 known next week during CES, this is big opportunity to replace their old phones with new ones.
However, it should be noted that these might be outdated several days after by the new devices announced at CES 2012.
All in all, T-Mobile USA customers will have the chance to grab a Windows Phone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone or tablet beginning this Friday, January 6. Two tablets are also available for $49.99 (38 EUR), the T-Mobile G-Slate and the SpringBoard. However, due to regular use, this one's leather is kind of discolored, while the titanium parts show some slight hairlines but the owner claims the gadget is not scratched. The owner says he purchased this gadget three months ago from a Vertu seller oneBay and that he has always used the microfiber case when using it. I contacted the seller and asked for a copy of the sales receipt and certificate of authenticity.

I could not find this listing on a standard e-bay search, it is only available with a direct off-site link.
The operator has just announced that starting January 6 through January 8 it will offer lots of interesting deals on some of the most popular devices in its portfolio.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Best Buy has Boost Mobile ZTE Speed 4G No-Contract Cell Phone Sale Sale Priced at $9.99 with free shipping.
Interested buyers should be ready to pay no less than $4,599 for the exquisite gadget but taking into consideration that the price for a new one was higher than $8000, you could consider it an interesting offer. I've listed items on e-bay and it is impossible to list an item without the paypal option.

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