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The phone location tracking issue for Apple iPhone iPad and Google Android mobile phones has lasted for a period, and it would last longer than we think, especially at Apple’s privacy policy. Ever since the reports of location tracking issue of Apple and Android devices, the US Senate had weighed in.
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If you thought mobile was simply accessing emails and text messages on a smartphone, prepare yourself for a new way of doing business. Quickly and effectively track your assets and recover vehicles with any mobile device?smartphone or tablet?iPhone, iPad, or Android. Pinpoint vehicle locations as well as real-time on-demand vehicle information from any browser?no need to download, install, or constantly update an app.
What were once “off” or “after” hours are now productive hours with full access to GoldStar GPS anytime, anywhere.
React in real-time and eliminate repossession delays that occur from communication breakdowns from a non-mobile workforce.

Streamline your installation process where installers can verify key solution features immediately through their mobile device without ever having to go into the dealership office. With GoldStar GPS Mobile, you get the best of both worlds?the leading comprehensive GPS tracking solution that connects dealers to their assets, along with the mobile business capabilities that are driving efficiencies and profits up in businesses like yours. Selected by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Tech Solution Providers in 2014.
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Google responded to the phone location tracking at Monday while Apple replied this a week after the issue and denied its mobile devices are tracking and collecting data on users’ locations. The Committee had written to Microsoft, Nokia, RIM and HP as well as Apple and Google, but only the latter two had been asked to attend the hearings and explain what data they are collecting, how they’re ensuring that data is secured, and how users opt out of being tracked.

The chip is smaller then a coin and is a low cost unit coming in either the chip, module or a tag ($2, $7 or $10). Today, mobile is about making people, businesses, and M2M processes more productive and more connected, no matter where they are.
The answer is none other than cell phone scanner apps,"At a time when concerns about data breaches and identity theft are growing.ready to leave. Both companies have agreed to testify at a May 10 Senate hearing about consumer privacy on mobile devices.
Batteries that power these chips have the potential to keep the device going for up to 4 years with a 2100mAh battery transmitting once every 30 minutes. Accuracy is not quite as good as GPS, but outdoors it can triangulate you to the nearest 35 feet and indoors to about the closest 45 feet.

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