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Today’s smartphones offer amazing experiences, and consumers are increasingly relying on them for everything from navigation, entertainment and shopping to just staying connected. For customers seeking an unlimited experience on their smartphones, T-Mobile offers several ways for new and existing customers to take advantage of its Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.
The Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will cost $20 per month when added to a Value voice and text plan or $30 per month when added to a Classic voice and text plan.
Hi I am so excited I found your blog page and I would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post . Yup, it is good new for cellphone users that being possible to use T-Mobile unleashes unlimited nationwide 4G data what will each our communication life one step ahead just seem to me.
The company hopes users upgrading to the Verizon iPhone 5 will pick a Share Everything Data plan and a cheap upgrade over unlimited data.
Verizon leaves a loophole open to users who want to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and keep unlimited data, but it requires paying full price for the iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5 off contract pricing starts at $649 and goes up to $849, or $450 more than an iPhone 5 on a two-year contract. Keep in mind this assumes a single line on Verizon, adding a 2nd line changes the numbers, but it’s easy to adjust the prices. After running the numbers, unlimited voice, text and data on the old Verizon plans is $119.98 per month. For the same price, a user can get unlimited talk and text with a 10GB data plan on the new Share Everything plan. If you use less than 10GB of data a month, paying full price for the iPhone 5 may nto be a good deal. The benefits are best for users that only use around 4GB of data a month, and don’t plan to use significant amounts in the future. To check data usage history, log in to your Verizon account and click View Usage, or start the switch to Share Everything and scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on View Usage Details, which pops up last months data usage.

I have two lines one of those lines is a smart phone with unlimited data and the other line in just a plain old phone no data or anything on it. Send in a Notice of Dispute form to verizon and dispute their new policy of stealing unlimited or making customers jump through hoops to keep it. Featuring no data caps, speed limits or bill shock, as well as fast, dependable nationwide 4G coverage, T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan offers the ultimate worry-free experience. With the introduction of the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, T-Mobile(R) is the only U.S. Splitting the $450 price premium of the iPhone 5 off contract out over a two-year contract brings the average monthly cost to $138 a month. Users that consistently use less than 10GB of data a month should consider picking a cheap iPhone 5 upgrade and switching to Share Everything. At this price, users are paying $110 a month, saving $30 each month or $720 over a 2 year contract. Cellular also offers prepaid Simple Connect plans, which start at $40 per month for feature phones and $45 per month for smartphones.
The new plan is designed to satisfy both data-hungry customers who want to experience all their smartphones are capable of and those wanting the peace of mind of never having to keep track of their data usage. Current T-Mobile customers on Classic or Value plans can simply upgrade their existing service by adding an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to snag an employee discount (18-22% off monthly), the savings of keeping unlimited data and paying full retail can be about $650 over two years. Up until now, prepaid Ready Connect plans for smartphones, $45 and $55 plans, included 1 GB and 2 GB of data that were hard cupped. One of the plans is Walmart exclusive and offers unlimited talk, text and data with first 500 MB at high speeds for $40 per month. Cellular’s prepaid service plans are Motorola Moto E LTE, LG Logos, ZTE Imperial II, LG Envoy III, LG Envoy II, LG Freedom II, Samsung Freeform 5 and the Kyocera Hydro XTRM.

These plans also include unlimited data, throttled when high speed data allotments are reached. The rate of data connections are decreasing every year and the data speeds are just increasing. Now, these two plans include the same high speed data allotments each month but after they are used up, data continue to be available only at reduced speeds. I simply used that upgrade for my iphone 5 and switched iphone 5 to my primary line and was able to keep my current plan and unlimited data. Currently, Nationwide Share 700 ($66.50), 3 Line Access fees ($30), Unlimited email and Web on 2 iPhones ($60) and miscellaneous surchares and taxes. The $45 smartphone plan has unlimited talk, text and data with 1 GB at high-speeds, the $55 has 2 GB and the $65 plan has first 4 GB at high-speeds.
Next year my primary line will be upgradeable and I will use it for the next new phone i want.
Realistically though we’re going to wait until november to upgrade and only have to pay a $250 premium while not having to ever worry about going over our data usage. So there it is, 9.00 solves all your problems with upgrades and being forced into a shareeverything plan. If I switch to Share Everything Plus … Monthly line access ($110), 6 gb shared data ($80), same misc surcharges and taxes. Multiply by 24 months of contract, subtract the $450 difference in cell phone price for a 64 Gb iPhone 5 , and I end up with a savings of $297 over two years and keep unlimited data on my iPhone 5.

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