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We all knew that the popularity of mobile phones amongst young people has continued to grow in recent years, but a new survey reveals that not only are mobile phones viewed as essential, they’re now the number one item that prospective university students cannot live without.
It may come as no surprise to many to hear that mobile phones have become the one item that students are unable to live without. Twenty three per cent (23%) of all those surveyed said that their mobile phone was their most prized possession which they were unable to live without during their first few weeks at university, followed by alcohol (22%), a laptop (16%), and food (11%), which equates technological items with necessities for basic survival. Staying within the realm of technology, when asked what items they possessed, 91% of those surveyed own a laptop, 81% own a full feature smartphone and 36% have a tablet. The eight week run-up to university is the most common time for students to spend on essential items, with over one fifth of all those surveyed admitting to buying their new laptop in the weeks prior to the start of university term time. Mobile phones are permitted at school in the UK but pupils are not allowed to use them in class and they must be on silent during lessons.
A mobile phone contract in the UK usually comes with a number of text messages included in the price.
Discussion Some parents confiscate their teenager's phone as a punishment for poor behaviour. I like this article becouse the mobile phone can be very dangerous if you don't use correctly and this article try to prevent this. I think the mobile phone is important for teenagers but sometimes have poor behaviour it is good take the phone. I think phones are important in our lifes,and they help us a lot,but sometimes we are addicts and we use them too much.I think we can live without phones and we need to use them less and respect some rules like dont use it while eating or speaking face to face.
In my opinion, I think that nowadays teenagers depend very much on their phones; so sometimes it is properly that our parents take it away.
I think that bad behaviour must be punished, and that's a good punishment because we are every time mor addicted to our mobile phones. In my opinion with the passage of the years increasingly mobiles phones are purchased before the children and increasingly children studied less and take worst notes because they are distracted with the mobile phone.
In my opinion it is a good idea becouse your parents know what is the best for you and all things they do are for your own the best, but sometimes students need their phone too search information or to do their homework. I think this article is very interesting.I can understand that parents want us to be safe but They have to understand that a mobile phone is very useful and can keep you in contact with them wherever you are.
Select the screen size of your choice, right click the relevant link, and then save the picture. There is an increasing number of infertility problems that effect both male and female reproductive systems especially in hi-tech developed countries. Fertility problems are probably the most common reason for anyone between the ages of 20 and 45 seeking medical advice in this country. Over the last 20 years, Foresight has pioneered an approach to fertility that looks at the fundamentals of health, including lifestyle, diet, pollutants, infections and environmental and occupational hazards and gives an unprecedented 80 per cent success rate. A Women who spend more than 20 hours a week in front of VDU screens had twice as many miscarriages as non VDU workers.
As you are no doubt aware infertility is a multifunctional problem and therefore best dealt with by a multi-agency approach.
Foresight a registered charity that helps couples with infertility problems: a€?Foresight has pioneered an approach to fertility that looks at the fundamentals of health care including lifestyle, diet, pollutants and environmental hazards such as electromagnetic and geopathic energies. One of the most influential scientists dealing with the biological affects of electromagnetic and microwave energy is Dr. The other issue to have received a large amount of media attention recently is a possible link between mobile phone usage and male infertility. From 1996 to 1998 1 saw 15 women who had been diagnosed with infertility, and had been treated elsewhere for I to 4 years.
Therefore, I only checked these women with conventional methods, such as blood checks concerning diabetes, thyroid hormones, hormonal balance, Pap smears etc. From natural healers I had learnt that therea€™ s a strong influence of geopathic stress zones a€” like water-runs, cracks or gapsa€” on the fertility of both animals and humans.
The dowser went home to the women, examined the bedroom and recommended to move the bed to a different spot within the bedroom that he found to be undisturbed by these influences. I want to discuss these results with everyone who works in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, because moving women away from a geopathic stress zone is simple, ita€™ s cheap, and as the chart shows, highly effective a€” even without any other treatment.
Foresight a registered charity that helps couples with infertility problems: Foresight has pioneered an approach to fertility that looks at the fundamentals of health care including lifestyle, diet, pollutants and environmental hazards such as electromagnetic and geopathic energies.
Firstly I have to admit that I don't actually own this handset anymore, I sold it in favour of my shiny new Sony Ericsson T68i, however, because of the fact that I owned this phone for the best part of two years, I think that im in a pretty good position to write a review on it. The Siemens M35i is one of the most difficult phones to get hold of, popularity wise it stands out a mile. I bought my Siemens M35i because I have always used Siemens mobile phones and have found them to be well designed and easy to use. If the Nokia 8810 could be described as the James Bond of the mobile world, then the Siemens M35 is definitely the Lara Croft of mobiles. I brought the M35i last summer, almost as soon as it had been made available on Virgin Mobile. If your the busy sort of person who it always loosing things and dropping things then the Siemens M35i is definity for you. The M35i is a neat and compact phone, Its screen is ample sized and being WAP compatible is an added bonus.
In a recent survey conducted by youth media brand Student Beans, the mobile phone was prioritised above alcohol, money and even food as the one essential item for students heading off to university this September.
Games, consoles, cameras, portable music players and headphones are also all seen as must-have items for the transition to university. The worst thing about teenagers having phones is that some young people use them to send offensive messages to each other. If my daughters behave badly, I confiscate their phones and their behaviour quickly improves. Of course lots of people send messages completely free of charge using an app that’s also free to download.
I have changed your username because we don't allow real names (name and surname) as usernames for safety reasons.
To improve your chances of fertility is is always best to have your house professionally surveyed for both geopathic and electromagnetic influences.

Overwhelmingly, experts agree that this is probably contributable to an environmental problem.
Of the couples who seek medical help 30 per cent are told they have a€?unexplained infertilitya€™ for which the doctors can offer no treatment as they do not know the cause though many suspect an environmental issue. Researchers from the University of Surrey followed the progress of 367 couples over a period of three years (1990a€”3).
Imre Fejes of Szeged University Hungary is one of the lead researchers in the study of human reproduction and embryology who studied a group of 221 men over a 13 month period. Many of the best practitioners and advice agencies do adopt a more holistic approach and deal with the issues of nutrition, alcohol abuse, smoking, toxic chemicals, infections, allergies and stress. The 5 papers we have on our database found statistically significant effects on fertility from heavy mobile phone usage[Agarwal Sept 2008, Baste 2008, Agarwal Jan 2008, Erogul 2006, Fejes 2005, Grajewski 2000]. Eight of them (53,3%) had already had some kind of surgery to improve their fertility, including one or more IVE (in-vitro-fertilization), all without success.
Considering geopathic stress to be a harming factor for fertility can save time, money and help prevent emotional trauma in many cases.
The end product recreates a living environment more natural and conducive to better health and a healthy pregnancy. Small, petite, undeniably cute, tough on the outside, yet all soft and friendly on the inside.
The most common items purchased within the first few weeks of university were a printer, a television, text books and a gym membership. Many parents want their children to have a phone so that they can be in contact at any time or in any place. For example, the students write a dialogue in French, they record it on a phone, then they listen to the recording and try to correct any mistakes or improve pronunciation.
It occurs only if, for example, the man is not producing sperm, the women has had a premature menopause and has no eggs remaining in her ovaries, or both of the women's fallopian tubes are blocked. The environmental survey that I carryout in homes addresses this problem in terms of geopathic and electromagnetic pollution. Unfortunately, with the exception of 'Foresight'A  little or no concern is given to the problems of electro and geopathic stress. Lennart Hardell published a paper in 2007 looking at phone use and testicular cancer, where an association was not found[Hardell April 2007]. Some teachers in British schools complain that pupils don’t always follow the rules and that lessons are disrupted by people texting, making and receiving calls, looking at social networking sites, watching videos and even making videos in the class.
I suppose that makes sense but it’s not fair that everyone else has a smartphone and I don’t.
In all, 37 per cent of the couples had a history of infertility, and 38 per cent had experienced between one and five miscarriages (others had had other problems, including still births, malformations and low birthright babies). The results showed that men who carried a phone with them on stand-by throughout the day had significantly lowered sperm concentration. I believe electromagnetic and geopathic stress isA  one of the most important factors that can affect the process of mitosis that leads to healthy cell growth in a developing pregnancy. You can also create your own ring tones for the phone and it has the memory to store 7 of them you make, each one upto 67 notes long! Parents worry that their child may meet the wrong kind of ‘friends’ on social networking sites or that they might receive cruel messages from school bullies. In couples who are fertile, 50 % will have conceived by 3 months, 75 by six months and 90% by 12 months. It is interesting that he believes that the most vulnerable cells to electromagnetic influences are those in the process of active cell division (mitosis) which have been observed to produce abnormal chromosomes. A recent report by the California Public Utilities Commission following a four year review of research into the health effects of EMF's from power lines, wiring in buildings and some occupations, concluded that exposure can cause some degree of increased risk in childhood leukaemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehreg's Disease (a motor neuron disease) and miscarriage. It is splash proof and shock proof which appealed to me as I don't like having to hide my phone in a leather case. It have voicemail where you can set up your own message and it can store 30 voice messages.
A women's natural fertility starts to reduce from her late 20'sA  - slowly at first, more rapidly after the age of 35 and very sharply after the age of 40. This is mainly the result of the reduction in the quality of eggs remaining in her ovaries. Out of those couples with a previous history of infertility, 81 per cent conceived and had babies. It is believed that mobile phone could be the main contributory factor in the falling rates of male fertility. However, there is no overall scientific consensus that proximity to power lines of high domestic EMF's cause a greater risk. The handset price was ?99.99, however, as I purchased online I was given ?25 free credit as well as a free handset insurance package which proved to be especially useful for me!
A number of lifestyle factors and past or current medical problems may also reduce your chances of becoming pregnant. Out of those who had experienced a previous miscarriage, 83 per cent had a baby within the three years of the study, without experiencing another miscarriage. Sperm counts among British men have fallen by 29 percent over the past decade which has shown the largest increase in the use of mobile phones. One of the main reasons for this is that itA  is sometimes difficult to replicate such experiments in other laboratories.
I could also choose the exact date that I wanted my phone to be delivered on, which was extremely useful to me - I chose a Saturday as I'm always out and about during the week.
More worrying is that I increasingly find that mobile phone microwave energy is now only a small part of a whole orchestration of microwave energy enabled devices that are increasingly finding their way into our house holds.
The reason being;A  virtually none of them allow for local anomalies in the earth's static geomagnetic field, or AC electric and pulsed magnetic fields particular to the experimental site, which is bound to influence results. Substances in cigarette smoke are toxic to eggs and sperm and to the developing embryo in pregnancy - smokers take about 30% longer to achieve a pregnancy. However, the overall picture and evidence particularly in respect to cell disruption and fetal abnormalities should seriously promptA  couples having difficulties to produce a healthy pregnancyA  to be weary not only of geomagnetic abnormalities caused from iron bed frames and mattress springs, but also how high the EMF's are around the sleeping area. This is necessary when a word is incorrectly formulated by the phone's built-in dictionary.

Although its aerial is internal (adding immeasurably to its attractiveness), I've never suffered from lack of signal - unless this was due to the service provider, of course.
The night light may not seem like much in daytime, but it's fine in the dark, and perhaps more importantly, doesn't blind ya when you reach for it in the middle of the night!
Electromagnetic radiation which includes microwave energy and Earth radiation consist of energy flux and therefore energy is conveyed into the tissues of the body itself. This is one of the reasons 'Foresight' recommends perspective parents to have their houses surveyed for signs of geopathic stress and high EMF's. It is sensible to cut out all alcohol consumption whilst you are trying for a pregnancy or at least restrict your alcohol consumption to less that 6 units per week. Some of this energy passes straight through (the magnetic field) and some is absorbed depending on the frequency setting up eddy currents as it passes through. The phone's interface is quick and easy to navigate, and changing settings is not a complicated process. At times getting to a particular feature means clicking your way through an infinity of menus and submenus. Programming these is rather time consuming, as you can not just send them over your network.
This energy will effect people in different ways according to how electro sensitive they are and their differences in height, weight, bone structure, and body fat.
It is well known that sleeping in a geopathically disturbed area whether from electromagnetic fields, earth energy lines or disturbances in the earth's geomagnetic field can lower the effect of the body's immune system. Making and receiving calls with this handset is also an extremely simple process - you simply find the person you want to call and press the green (telephone)key.
You can also compose your own tone though if you do not like any of the tones that are on the phone.
In hindsight, the buttons are so tough on the outside that any other phones feels strange in comparison: try it and see what I mean. You can change opperator logos, although you will need a data cable, costing about ?20 from online retailers. One thing which particularly impressed me about the m35i at the time was the sound quality of the phonecalls - Calls were rarely cut out due to signal loss, and during t he majority of calls I found it easy to understand what the other person was saying.
The phone book button is also handy, a welcome change from the Maze of Death menu system of previous systems: this one is actually easy to use! This turned out to be particularly useful when in a noisy environment, since although I might not hear the beeps, I'd feel the vibration (seeing as I keep my phone clipped to my belt).
The softkeys are also handy, and I particuarly like the fact that you can assign them to a function of your choice. Also, the volume can be set to increase gradually, starting off with a discreet sound (in case you're in church, say, and have forgotten to switch it off!).
The keylock is also a welcome feature, and means that you dont run up a huge bill after collapsing in a drunken heap. You can have up to 9 messages stored on your phone at any given time, but this should, in my opinion, be increased.
Waking up with a hangover and being billed with a four hour mobile call is not a good way to start the day, trust me.
Ive lost count of the amount of times I dropped the handset and for a long time it continued to work fine, however I did have a few problems towards the end of its life.
Buttons are clearly marked, and the Menu allows users to navigate their way around the phone's various functions.
Furthermore, the lack of an external aerial signifies that the m35i is built to last, it is almost indesructable infact. The problem with this version, is for the first few months the phone is liable to switch off for no apparent reason.
It is also particularly useful to have a button for the address book on the main phone itself. As time goes on, shut downs became less frequent, and my phone hasn't had one for months. This is good when you have your tones off, so that you know someone is trying to ring or send you a message. It requires inserting the SIM into a little red plastic holder which slides into a gap by the battery. It has a hard outer case and is therefore particularly resistant to knocks and scratches.
It does posses a WAP facility although personally I never used this as I couldnt really see the point! There are a number of pre-recorded ringtones on the phone which are supposedly comp osed by to dj's, however I cannot see how this is the case as they are absolutely terrible! The phone's memory can store 10 text messages, unfortunately though, the handset lacks a predictive text facility although I cant remember whether or not this had been invented at the time.
I have dropped it repeatedly on concrete and used it in a rainstorm (Yes, really!) and it just keeps on going!
Anyway, it's shock, water and dust proof, and I would recommend it to anyone who, like me, leads a busy lifestyle which is not always confined to the home or school! Even moderate use (read: few minutes, no more) of the phone will result in the battery consuming itself faster than the lifespan of a Tory leader. This might not be a great problem for those who work from home or otherwise have their chargers always at hand.
For me, however, this infuriating defect means that my phone is down many a time when I'm away from the office with no access to my charger. In summary, the Siemens M35i is a very good phone, having all the features you're bound to need - and probably nowadays you can grab hold of it at a bargain price -, marred however but an abysmal battery life.

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