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Beginning April 19 we will transition to a new provider for this free wireless MLS service.
While you won’t find ‘today’s hotsheet’ on the new mobile MLS, you will be able to perform this type of search using “Status Date” as a criterion.
Nokia is growing faster in low and medium range mobile phones, but it is still struggling to capture smart phone market. I want to bring these old and gold Nokia phones to you to make you recollect your memories. Share your memories if you have used any of these phones or any let us know what is your first mobile. We have chosen not to ban them because they are part of our modern society and using them responsibly is an important skill.
When we have finished our evaluations we will either amend, or not, the school policy for mobiles phones.

This service allows members to receive real-time data from Paragon using most cell phones, smart-phones, or Personal Data Assistant devices (PDA’s).
When you log on to Wireless MLS, you will automatically be directed to the new wireless product, reInsight Mobile.
One important fact about Nokia is, it is the first mobile phone owned by highest number of mobile phone users. The new system provides enhanced features and has a much better look and feel than the current wireless product in addition to saving money for the association. For example copying something from a board can take a long time and isn’t always a productive learning experience. Recently Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft to produce phones with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system.
Photographing the board and sending the image to your own OneDrive area can be a more efficient way of using learning time.

Although it was commercially available starting 1983, usage by common people started growing only in early 90′s.
Currently it is up to the individual teacher’s discretion as to students’ use of their phones in a lesson. Our policy has not changed at this point in time whilst we see if this development can work successfully.

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