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In an effort to prevent more more customers from leaving for greener pastures, the #4 largest carrier in the US is getting ready to introduce a new data plan to woo current customers, while enticing new ones.
Today’s smartphones offer amazing experiences, and consumers are increasingly relying on them for everything from navigation, entertainment and shopping to just staying connected.
For customers seeking an unlimited experience on their smartphones, T-Mobile offers several ways for new and existing customers to take advantage of its Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. The Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will cost $20 per month when added to a Value voice and text plan or $30 per month when added to a Classic voice and text plan. You must read between the hidden agenda lines of Fierce Wireless' report that T-Mobile USA is quietly eliminated its $30 per month unlimited data plan for smartphones and adding four new tiered data plans. T-Mobile told Fierce Wireless that if customers go over their allotted data caps they will not incur overage charges but instead will have their data speeds throttled down to an EDGE, or 2G, experience of around 100 Kbps or less. According to a T-Mobile spokeswoman, customers will be notified via a free text message when they exceed their monthly data threshold. Should you want to get in on the iPhone 6 craze, you'll have ample choices from wireless providers. As you can see from the interactive graph above, Verizon users who consume 3 GB or less of data a month shouldn't bother paying the full list price on the iPhone 6 to keep their unlimited data; they'd be better off purchasing a two-year contract (assuming they don't plan to hang onto their phone much longer than that). T-Mobile, on the other hand, still offers an unlimited data option on its Simple Choice Plan. This squeezes the new unlimited data plan right in between T-Mo’s unlimited 5GB for $35, and their unlimited 2GB for $20. To help potential customers decided on where they want to spend their hard earned money, they’ve even supplied this handy chart.

New customers can purchase any smartphone in T-Mobile’s robust lineup of innovative devices or bring their own compatible smartphone and have access to a worry-free unlimited data experience on T-Mobile’s fast nationwide 4G network. 5, T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will provide smartphone customers with uncompromised, dependable access to data on the blazing-fast speeds of T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network.
At that time, they will have the option to change their data plan to one with more data or continue to use their existing plan with the reduced speeds for the remainder of the month.
In its first day of pre-orders, the iPhone 6 received some 4 million requests—doubling the number the iPhone 5 got in its first 24 hours two years ago. Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T are selling the 16 GB version starting at $199 with a two-year contract, while T-Mobile is carrying it contract-free for the full list price of $649. Because the plan does not include annual service contracts, T-Mobile also requires users to buy their devices outright. T-Mobile is doing away with the usual data caps and allowances, giving their customers the chance to live it up like it’s 2010, before all this throttling business became the new business model. 22, 2012 — T-Mobile USA, Inc., today announced an industry first — a truly Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. Current T-Mobile customers on Classic or Value plans can simply upgrade their existing service by adding an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. Demand is so strong that Apple announced it is already exceeding the initial pre-order supply.
As per usual, at least one carrier is also using the iPhone 6 as a chance to break the customers still clinging to unlimited data from their plans.
But once you do that, it charges less each month than Verizon does on its grandfathered unlimited plan.

Well, there doesn’t seem to be one, other than T-Mobile noting that customers wont be able to tether (no brainer). Featuring no data caps, speed limits or bill shock, as well as fast, dependable nationwide 4G coverage, T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan offers the ultimate worry-free experience. While a "significant amount" of the devices will be delivered to customers starting this Friday, the company said "many" of the pre-orders will have to wait until October.
Verizon customers who wish to have their unlimited data grandfathered in with an iPhone 6 are once again being told that they must buy the device outright. So as much as the unlimited plan seems financially worth it if you use more than 2 GB of data, the actual benefits are more limited. With LTE and the converting of their 2G network to 3G just around the corner, anyone else thinking magenta? The new plan is designed to satisfy both data-hungry customers who want to experience all their smartphones are capable of and those wanting the peace of mind of never having to keep track of their data usage.
If they choose to do that, the unlimited data will cost $30 a month on top of $55 to $90 per month for voice and texting fees.

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