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June 8, 2014 Posted by Staff According to a market researcher firm eMarketer, Google is losing some advertising momentum on the mobile front. Their research also conclude that users are relying more on apps than browsers and mobile search behaviour is becoming less like desktop. Even though browser-based search is a common behaviours among mobile owners, search engines are not necessarily the first place smartphone and tablet users turn. Other players including Yahoo and Bing, apps like Kayak, Shazam and Yelp are taking over Google. However, Greg Sterling, principal analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence, said eMarketer report gives a different impression from the actual. According to him, market is getting bigger and Google is not the only search player, but when it comes to revenue Google dominates them all. You mean after the likes of Kayak, Shazam, Yelp (and probably Facebook) have gone the way of Friendster and MySpace? Once Yahoo gets out of that disastrous contract with MS, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Yahoo tie up with Google. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In a research study conducted by Google in partnership with Nielsen which analyzed over 6000 mobile searches, they discovered that mobile search is goal-oriented and conducted to help make a decision. In addition, 81% of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience because a mobile device is always on, always accessible. And the outcome of a mobile search is valuable to all businesses, not just business to consumer, as 73% of mobile searches trigger additional action and conversions such as additional research or contacting a vendor. And don’t think that because someone is home or at work with a desktop available, they are not using mobile search.
As a baby boomer, I wasn’t brought up with a mobile device in my hand plus my years in high tech may have made me a bit more tolerant of technology that is not quite up to speed (pun intended).
After leaving a house full of teens (and adults) using their iPhones to search, surf and socialize, I decided to use my smartphone on the drive home to research getting an expansion SD card for my Gallaxy Note II. What this means for our businesses is that we can no longer focus on the online user experience solely around the desktop browser. Reorganize your website content to ensure important content is seen first, including your address and a click-to-call phone number.
Add more visual content to your marketing as mobile users are more likely to watch a video or share a picture. Integrate mobile advertising options into your Google AdWords campaigns using enhanced campaigns, making it easy for you to manage your campaigns across all devices with the right ads, based on their specific location, time of day and device type. Mobile is another marketing channel that needs to be a meaningful part of your marketing strategy starting now.
Its always ready for me for my local business but targeting only local business might not increase your benefit so you have to target both in long term period. Free Marketing Plan TemplateJoin the thousands of people who have created a winning inbound marketing plan. Forget about the penalty that you got (if any), and just focus on the rewards of the moment.

With the advent of smartphones and the onset of a zillion applications, content marketers round the globe seem to have gone berserk over the hack to create a much fruitful and productive experience for mobile users.
The curtain-call given to all users by the release of Google’s new mobile friendly update seems no less than a cyclone of due consideration to improve the responsiveness of each website and user interface on smartphones and tablet devices.
Being a content marketer, devising and deciphering the code to entice maximum users are what you might be trying to tap. There definitely will be certain alterations you need, to make to your content more appropriate according to the update’s requirements, but not keeping it as per the audience would only take things wayward.
However, this clearly indicated that the new index which clings on with the update finds co-relation with a new crawler in the picture.
That stated, needless to say that you should make your website passable enough for mobile devices, just in case there are any repercussions like increased bounce rate on desktops. How the users interact with your content on a mobile device can be quite different from desktop users. The first being your site’s home page, which should offer appropriate call to action for the different focal points of your website. The next in queue are the interior pages which need to provide a concise overview at the top, for the users to scan them with ease.
And last but not the least- your blog content, which has to focus on providing a snapshot of the information to be covered.
A prominent solution can be offering a teaser of the content to draw the user in and then laying out the whole piece. However, you might not want to skip clearly articulating the information they are bound to find, along with showing some empathy for their grievances and pain points. The first question that might have boggled your mind is whether or not you can find out if your top keywords are mobile or desktop ones?
This means that the searcher’s result (in the form of local listings) are ought to display above the organic rankings when it comes to smartphones. Hence, for you to figure out the keywords that are mobile oriented, webmaster or Google analytics tools might do the drill, which will clearly show the mobile only queries. Every Google update can favor you, if you understand that Google isn't doing anything new. As usual, did you notice any slight drop in your search traffic and rankings, since Google mobile friendly update rolled on on April 21st? About Anshuman Kukreti – He is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global digital market. According to them, users are becoming more sophisticated as the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets rises.
And the declining revenue is noteworthy, as the results have dropped to 68.5 percent in 2013. According to him more money is flowing into mobile advertising which is being spread around others.
That fact doesn’t seem surprising as it appears that people are tethered to their smartphones as if it is an extra appendage.
Whether people are at home, at work, on the go or in a store, web search from a mobile device is not a frivolous activity.

63% of mobile search triggered actions within 1 hour of the initial search and 55% of purchase related conversions occur within 1 hour of initial mobile search. However, my experience yesterday as we drove home from the family holiday festivities reinforces my belief that we have moved from mobile enabled to mobile optimized as a requirement for your web presence. In fact, designing the user experience around the mobile device user first and then expanding it to the desktop is an important shift in our thinking when designing our marketing campaigns, one that will make the user experience better for both. If appropriate, add Pinterest, Twitter Vine, Facebook, Instagram or other more visual social media sites to your marketing plan. Check to see if your email service provider has templates that support both browser and mobile devices and can send the correctly formatted email to those who choose mobile. Understand your customer and integrate mobile into your marketing plan to ensure you are able to satisfy their needs, no matter what device they are using to find the solution to their problem.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I have been working with her for several years and she has helped design and implement many different marketing ideas.
Plus, there also seems a major change to the infrastructure they are using to index or evaluate mobile search results, which excludes those from desktops. But the algorithm has been kept fresh for no relevance to be given to historical data indicating which websites has fewer signals of mobility for adaptive content. Goes without saying that your website should serve both mobile and desktop audience with due relevance kept at crux. It has figured out an algorithm to correctly anticipate the user intent for a specific query. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to content marketing trends and online courses pertaining to the same. Mobile frindly websites are really making waves nowadays but a lot of people are yet to tap from the traffic that comes from it. But there is no doubt that mobile search will impact your business and your marketing activities. There are both SEO benefits, usability benefits and conversion benefits of a responsive design. Then make sure all pages, including landing pages, load quickly and all the links and forms work from a touch screen. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
What are you doing now to prevent visitors from clicking away to your competition because your site is not the user experience they have come to expect?

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