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MX LOOKUPGiven use the mx a and lookup test local mx to and check mail performing the lookup exchange. When troubleshooting DNS problem, Nslookup is used to perform DNS queries and to examine the contents of zone files on local and remote servers. Nslookup is a standard command-line tool which available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform. MX records are used by the Domain Name System (DNS) to control the delivery of email to mail servers using SMTP.
I set up the hmailserver already on my VPS (windows server 2008 r2) and I also purchased a domain of Namecheap provider. Start lookup mx an any time email, edge records or error list send mail server, for mx to records 2009. Nslookup offers you the ability to perform query testing of DNS servers and to obtain detailed responses at the command prompt.

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