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The Verizon HTC Touch Diamond cell phone will be available for $299.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 official release date: March 26th, I spoke to a rep online today and asked that very question. The T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 cell phone looks like this is just a Bold 9700 refresh to get OS 6 out there, OS 6 is a step up. The phone is expected to land on August 15, I can’t wait to hear what size the screen is.
New Sprint Phones – LG updated a good and very popular phone with three or four nice improvements for the same price. BGR got ahold of some early photos of the device with a T-Mobile logo, and it’s expected to launch around September.
The Verizon has so much market security that they can just string along customers with promises.

If the rumors of T-Mobile USA going to no-contract plans are true, they may see a lot of new customers just in time for the Z10 and the LTE activation. Congrats on getting a phone that works best on 3G when T-mobile has the dial up of 3G networks.
The LG Rumor 2 is perfect for my sister and I bet more are sold by sprint this year than HTC Pro or Palm Pre. Judging by the specs & look of the T-Mobile BlackBerry Kickstart, it’s going to be a very hot seller. My favorite one so far was from a rep at my local VZW store, If they don’t want people to jump ship, they need some quality hardware.
The hub works great to collect all your communications and can be customized to fit your needs.
The T-Mobile Z10 has been available on t-mobile to business customers since the 10th or 11th.

The most high end physical QWERTY keyboard phone Sprint has right now is the Epic 4G, but that phone is over 2 years old. I would like to see a better processor, otherwise I could see getting one of these or a Torch. There are many many other features that i love but to really know and educate yourself, watch a youtube video and just ignore the app gap talk, its not that important now as it will grow with time. Also, I have not encountered any limitation on the number of tabs I can have open at one time, which is better than my GF’s Android (which has a limit of 8 tabs).

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