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I learned about the Walmart Family Mobile service plan while browsing Walmart’s website. Overall, the process of getting the phone is relatively painless, and because I usually make a trip to Walmart at least once every couple of weeks, it wasn’t like I had to go out of my way for anything.
Now, the real test is trying out the service for a little while and seeing how it all works out.
Stay tuned for an update about my experience with my new phone and new service in about a month or so.
LG Optimus T is an attractive looking cell phone, made of soft touch material in titanium gray color. The LG Optimus T runs Android 2.2 user interface with all the functionalities that Android users are used to.
Since the LG Optimus T is an entry-level smartphone, the fact that it is running on Android 2.2 is actually an improvement. LG Optimus T can do voice dialing over Bluetooth (besides its regular functionalities for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming) and store your apps on a memory card. What’s more, LG Optimus T it is a quad-band world-roaming phone with the 600-MHz Qualcomm MSM7627 processor and with a high-speed 3g network support for fast internet access.
Standard features as the 3.2-megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and no LED flash is available for taking quite decent quality pictures. T-Mobile LG Optimus T refurbished is a great opportunity to have cool, highly functioning smartphone at discount. Also this phone has Bluetooth and GPS that can be used from Google Maps, Latitude, Places, and Scvngr but what it doesn’t have is mobile hot-spot capabilities. Seems like the LG Optimus V has everything that an entry-level Android smartphone suppose to have.
One of my largest expenses every month is cell phone service, so naturally I’m always looking for a cheap wireless plan. With other cell phones I’ve had, I usually had to make a special trip to a particular store to deal with issues like repairs, activation, etc. I’m pretty confident that this phone and the Walmart Family Mobile service plan will suit my needs. It is available refurbished for $119,99 and offers some very advanced features that would cost double with some other smartphones. Originally, this phone is also available in burgundy color but this one is refurbished so it’s only available in titanium gray.

Supports both portrait and landscape mode, five customizable home screens and a default Android virtual keyboard, which is quite roomy.
It is one of the reasons why this is not just an entry level smartphone but instead a very good entry-level smartphone. In addition, this 3g capable phone benefits from T-Mobile’s upgraded HSPA+ network, which offers speeds close to 4G.
Yu can do it with a speakerphone, conference calling, voice dialing (over Bluetooth), text and multimedia messaging, visual voicemail and don’t forget Wi-Fi calling. On the other hand, a video camera is also available but unfortunately doesn’t have HD video capture.
It operates on CDMA 1900MHz networks, which provides users with reliable wireless communication.
Many Google apps and features as a Google search bar (with voice search), Google Talk, Gmail and Google Calendar sync are available as well as a few third-party apps like Where, Scvngr, Twidroyd, Poynt, AirG Chat and Virgin Mobile Live for streaming music from Virgin Mobile Festival artists(free), with the LG Optimus V.
In that extra memory you will be able to store pretty good quality pictures and videos taken by a 3.2-megapixel camera and built-in camcorder as well as music that unfortunately, will not come from the Amazon MP3 Store app (since the LG Optimus V doesn’t come with it) , but from the Android Marketplace. Even though the phone has only a 600MHz processor, only minor delays when navigating the phone are reported. It was very interesting to me to see an option for cell phone service that 1) was affordable and 2) did not require a long-term contract.
The other bonus of this plan, is that you can manage your account completely online with online account management, and yes, you can even pay your bill online–woo hoo! You can either do it yourself at home from a phone or your computer, or you can activate it in any Walmart store. But as we all know, it takes time to really decide if we like something and whether or not it’s something we can commit to long term. Still, this is a great phone and great opportunity to use those features at discount together with the privileges of prepaid world.
However, there is also an alternative to it – the phone comes with the Swype keyboard that lets you type by dragging your finger across the keyboard. Wi-Fi, for example has hot-spot capabilities and can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices but also you have enabled Wi-Fi calling. However, all commands through voice entry, preformed by this phone, are due to the pre-loaded app Voice Actions for Android. Digital media player for music and video is available, integrated FM radio, an HTML web browser as well as up to 11 hours of talk time and 18.75 days a standby time.

Also, you will have access to social sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as to My Accounts app for keeping track of your minutes. The phone also comes with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, combo charger, USB cable and 2GB microSD memory card. If you’re considering doing this, I highly suggest that you do this too if you already know what kind of phone you want. If you have any questions or comments about the service or this phone, please leave them for me in the comments below! Pay as you go or monthly plan gives the freedom of using all the functional and entertaining features that this phone has to offer but with no contract signing or any other hidden or additional fees.
On the bottom of the cell phone, beneath the screen, there are four hardware function keys: the menu, search, home and back. GPS for navigation can be used from either Google app or you can choose T-Mobile’s TeleNav GPS Navigator app. The website tells you which stores have the phone you want and whether or not it’s in stock. However, I did have a minor problem with entering the IMEI number from the phone onto the website and I had to make an extra trip back to the store.
Other Google apps present on this phone are Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, and Google Voice Search . Even though it does not play Flash video in the browser due to the hardware lacking, you will still be able to play Flash videos with YouTube and third party apps.
It will save you so much time knowing your phone is at the store ready and waiting to be picked up.
But just in case, I would recommend activating your phone in the store just to make sure you don’t have any glitches or bugs during the process. The touch screen is responsive, supports multitouch and pinch-to-zoom functions as well as a proximity sensor and an internal accelerometer.
Home screen design looks as expected, in a gradient of red to black colors which are Virgin Mobile colors with a few built-in Virgin Mobile apps.

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