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O2 has announced a number of changes to its mobile contracts, which are all beneficial to the consumer. The first change is the removal of the fee that used to be charged to use your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot, which is called tethering.
O2 have also announced increase flexibility in their tariffs enabling you tocustomize the amount of  minutes, texts and even data you want.
The phone is free on contracts above ?41 with existing O2 customers get the phone for free on the ?36 deal.
O2 is also the only network to offer visual voicemail, and its data bolt-ons support tethering.

If data usage is your main concern then check out Three and GiffGaff as these both offer unlimited data on selected deals.
If it’s the flexibility to jump from cheapest contract to cheapest contract then it might be worth your while to consider buying your iPhone 4S outright SIM free and then do your homework to find the best contact over the best length of time for you. This is the only easy to use mobile phone that is 3G, and so works with a Vodafone SureSignal, and the only one with a camera. Supplied SIM-Free to take SIM cards from 3, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, Tesco, Virgin and Giff-Gaff. You do incur a higher cost taking out a 12 month deal, but for people who like to change their mobile a lot it may be worth it.

What is apparent is the crazy choice of combinations you have to pick your way through when you start looking at call time, texts and data. In addition to raised edges, soft touch coating and widely spaced, backlit, concave keys, the  Doro 615 also has an easy to use camera that lets you take and send photos in a snap.
Other features include charging cradle, enhanced sound with hearing aid support, Bluetooth and direct memories and SMS button.

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