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O2 has been caught out sending customers' mobile numbers to third-party websites, following an apparent configuration error.
UK mobile network and BT spin-off O2 has been left red-faced after a security researcher spotted it sharing users mobile phone numbers with every website they visited. Playing with code for monitoring the HTTP headers from various devices, O2 customer and security researcher Lewis Peckover spotted something odd: an x-up-calling-line-id header, which contained his entire mobile phone number in plain text. Further research indicated that the code wasn't being generated on the client side: any mobile device connected to O2's network, whether an Android tablet, an iOS device or a BlackBerry smartphone, would happily send its user's contact details to any website that knew to monitor for the header. Rather, the headers were being generated by a device on O2's network that proxied the traffic before it hit the network: disable the device's mobile data connection and use Wi-Fi instead, and the strange header disappears. The problem appears related to a similar issue spotted by researcher Collin Mulliner back in 2010 and presented at the Security in Telecommunications Conference (PDF), and affects O2 and network-sharing operators including GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile. Those partners, O2 explains, include sites that require age verification - including adult entertainment sites - and those who look to bill O2 customers for premium services such as content downloads or ring tones. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has indicated that it will be investigating the matter, while advising privacy activists that a mobile number in and of itself does not constitute 'personally identifiable information' under the Data Protection Act. Are you disappointed in O2's decision to continue sharing customers' mobile numbers with 'trusted partners,' or more worried that ICO doesn't consider such information to be covered under the DPA? O2 may also be unwittingly assisting spammers, allowing them to match email addresses with phone numbers. If you reside in the UK and you are one of the millions of subscribers to mobile operator O2, you may be alarmed to learn that the carrier is sending your mobile number to every website you visit on your mobile phone.
The issue was brought to our attention to Lewis Peckover, who created a simple webpage to check the information that a mobile browser would send to a website when it requested data. Whilst most of the data was to be expected, including the Host, User Agent, Referrer and Encoding, there was also another field in the results — x-up-calling-line-id. In our tests we have confirmed that Orange, T-Mobile, Three and Vodafone do not send mobile numbers in header information. Our suspicion is that the feature is used by internal O2 websites to identify the user trying to make changes to the account, but that one or more of O2’s proxy servers have been misconfigured. Similar to how websites leave cookies, carriers have always had the ability to send certain identifying information to external sites.
The funny thing is that people are often surprisingly willing to provide their phone number on more and more sites, which then makes it trivial for such services to link the anonymized identifier with the actual mobile number.

We have reached out to O2 to enquire as to why the network would send customer mobile numbers in website header information, we will update the article should we receive a response. Following huge customer outrage, O2 has apologised for sharing customers phone numbers with every website users visited on the website and says the problem has now been rectified.First noticed by web systems administrator and O2 customer, Lewis Peckover, the problem only occurred for O2 customers and only when using 3G or WAP and not Wi-Fi. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! O2 has announced a number of changes to its mobile contracts, which are all beneficial to the consumer. The first change is the removal of the fee that used to be charged to use your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot, which is called tethering.
O2 have also announced increase flexibility in their tariffs enabling you tocustomize the amount of  minutes, texts and even data you want. O2 mobile landline gives customers a mobile and a landline number that both go on to one device. With one phone, one supplier, one bill and one voicemail box, O2 mobile landline makes managing calls simple. You can keep your existing BT landline number by transferring it over to O2, or O2 can set up a brand new number for you. Pricing starts from only A?10 per month with additional call group members charged at just A?1 each.
Create the right impression a€“ some customers dona€™t trust businesses that only publish a mobile number. Get local presence quickly and easily a€“ without the costs associated with regional offices.
Drive efficiencies - customers can make sure priority calls are handled first and use the online monitoring to check they have the appropriate resources available at all times. British mobile network operator O2 today updated its cross-platform mobile payments and price comparison app, O2 Wallet, so that users can now add credit to up to five different ‘Pay & Go’ mobile numbers simultaneously using a stored bank card. Available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, O2 Wallet can be downloaded by anyone, regardless of what bank or mobile network they’re currently on. The new ‘Pay & Go’ top-up feature has been added as an additional icon on the O2 Wallet home screen. Once everything is set up, the user can choose a number to top-up from their phonebook, as well as the desired amount and which credit or debit card they would like to pay with.

O2 Wallet was launched in April 2012 and lets users send money to another mobile phone number in the UK via a simple text message. The app can also be used to scan product bar codes, before comparing the price with over 100 online retailers. The company also launched a separate app for rail travelers earlier this year, called O2 Train Travel, for iOS, Android and “most BlackBerry devices”, which integrated with O2 Wallet for faster mobile payments. In other words: if you're browsing porn on your O2 phone over a mobile connection, you should be aware that the site operator has your mobile number. I haven't yet taken legal steps against anyone, but am not against doing so when my contact details are given out willy nilly by some unauthorised ****.
If you are on GiffGaff (an O2-owned company) or Tesco Mobile (which uses O2’s networks), you will be sending your mobile number to websites also. Usually, such identifying information is munged in some way that doesn’t make it possible to determine the mobile number of the subscriber.
When people visit a website via their mobile phone they would not expect their number to be made available to that website. You can follow him on Twitter, subscribe to his updates on Facebook and catch up with him on Google+. You do incur a higher cost taking out a 12 month deal, but for people who like to change their mobile a lot it may be worth it. You can choose from a local a€?geographicala€™ number (starting 01 or 02*) or a freephone number (starting 0808) and your customers will only be charged as if they are calling a landline, not a mobile! To get started, users will need to set up an O2 Wallet account online, or register as an O2 customer by texting ‘WALLET’ to 61202. These ‘Money Messages’ can range from ?1 to ?500 and are designed to make lending, borrowing and repaying money a whole lot easier.

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