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Anyway, I complain about my phone, but it does provide me with e-mail, the Internet, streaming TV (thanks to a Slingbox), a game called Bubble Breaker and, occasionally, phone calls.
Sadly, this phone's compactness also started the hideous trend of attaching your cell phone to your belt. Doesn't seem particularly practical, but it's better than, ya know, trying to find a pay phone. I can't guarantee it, but I think dysfunctional phones like this might've been the reason that in "Wanna Be a Baller", Lil' Troy was so adamant about switching from Motorola to a PrimeCo phone.
The N300 had a flimsy little flap that swung down from in front of the keypad and served as the microphone.

Apologies to all of the other ugly, experimental Nokias and Motorola flops that didn't make the list.
Samsung Press Release: The Samsung Comeback cell phone is a stylish messaging phone with a unique side-flip that reveals a full QWERTY keyboard.
I like that when this Nokia phone came out, everyone compared the keypad to a container for birth control pills.
This was during the brief phase where Nokia considered transitioning from a cell phone manufacturer into a boat anchor manufacturer. Stereo speakers are also noticeable on front, as well as the microSD memory card slot, orange push-to-talk button, and locking battery cover on the rear.

Available in pearl white plum or frost silver cherry, the Comeback takes messaging to the extreme with access to E-mail and text, picture, video and instant messaging. The reason why the Convoy series works so well for old people is because for a flip phone it had big buttons, a huge display, and was freaking loud. A built-in 2-megapixel camera with digital zoom and T-Mobile’s 3G network allows customers to easily take and send pictures to friends and family or upload images to their favorite social networking sites.

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