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Buy this Nokia Lumia 520 which unlocked at the factory to work on ALL NETWORKS which run on GSM.
Buy this Samsung Gear Smartwatch which unlocked at the factory to work on ALL NETWORKS which run on GSM. This has been targetted at users who are on the go and need to access the snapdeal website instantly.
All our phones are brand new and in most cases additional memory cards are provided at no extra charge so storage space may vary from the information on specifications page.

Reason why our prices are so competitive is because no taxes or duties are added to the price. Through this mobile site, users can make purchases and payments for purchases just like doing it over the snapdeal website. Thus, Snapdeal is also venturing into the mobile phone world through this move.While using the snapdeal mobile site, users can go through different categories, sub categories, even get offers on various products. Accurate information about entertainment events and locations, best deals in restaurants etc can be obtained.

Users can also obtain details regarding various services such as travel, tourism, best deals on products etc.

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