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HTC Freestyle’s premium design with aluminum unibody housing leaves the impression of sturdiness in the hand. HTC Freestyle runs on Brew Mobile Platform with its Sense user-friendly interface, so getting used to it shouldn’t be a problem. Since Freestyle is advertised as the quick messaging phone, apps that add a lot to that epithet are HTC Sense with its customization options as well as FriendStream, application that keeps up with all the social network updates from Facebook and Twitter in one place, so that you know what’s up, without actually going on those sites. This phone also features a full HTML browser that allows web browsing like on PC but the resolution does not quite follow. Multitude of third party applications installed on HTC Freestyle threatens to be a bloatware. HTC Freestyle also features messaging options that beside text and picture messaging, include instant messaging and AT&T Mobile E-mail. To recap, this phone is not a smartphone and is refurbished, but still offers plenty of smartphone-like features for no contract and pay as you go deals, so keep that in mind when thinking about this phone.

You have the feel that it could handle a fall here and there even if it is smaller from company’s previous smartphones. The virtual keyboard is small, has black background, but the biggest problem of all is that you must switch the orientation manually, because the phone has no accelerometer, a device built into the phone that “tells” the phone which way it is being held up.
It keeps it all organized by grouping all messages, emails, texts, tweets and status updates from one person, for easy viewing and accessing. In addition, Bluetooth, GPS, PC syncing, USB mass storage, the standard 3.5mm headset jack, an FM radio are available whereas feature like Wi-Fi is missing. There was some hiss and some static at times but overall, the voice quality as well as reception of HTC Freestyle passed the test. So to enjoy using HTC Freestyle, all you need to do is to refill your account online, with prepaid cards or directly from your phone with the amount of your choice. All other are just there to trick you to free downloads but than automatically lead to monthly charges, if you don’t cancel in time.

HTC Freestyle is equipped with 150 MB storage, and a microSD card slot for up to 32GB of additional storage. It features 3.2-inch glass capacitive display with a 320-by-480-pixel that provides crystal-clear resolution.
However if you feel like downloading any extra games and apps you can do it on AT&T AppCenter.

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