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Pay as you go plans often utilize phones with SIM cards, which can be removed and transferred to another phone. Many pay as you go phone companies are owned by established network providers such as Verizon or AT&T.
A "pay as you go" cell phone plan is one in which some amount of credit must be purchased before the phone is used. As calls are made or credits are used in other ways, those credits are deducted from the available balance.
For most plans, users must pay a minimum amount periodically — often every 30 or 90 days — to keep their phone activated and phone number current. Many phones for these plans are quite simple, and can include flip phones with large buttons and phones may or may not have a camera and texting abilities.
Cell phones from carriers that operate on the GSM standard include SIM cards, which are small integrated circuits that store all of the phone's information.
In the US, standard cell phone plans usually involve a mandatory contract of one to two years, a credit card, credit check, and a minimum monthly fee. These plans are popular people who only use their cell phones occasionally and therefore don't need the expense of a standard plan.
The per-minute rate of a pay as you go plan is typically more expensive than with many traditional cell phone plans.
As credit expires usually every one to three months, users need to keep track of it or risk losing their phone service as well as their cell phone number. When I studied abroad in Ireland, I was extremely happy with my pay-as-you-go plan that I got through g3 Wireless. Unfortunately, they do not provide proof of when you turned on your phone as a breakdown for billing.
Anyway, I was told they charge only when I pick up on an incoming call, which was an outright lie. In the beginning, don't put too much money in, or you might get charged in a way you believe to be unfair. 3) You can buy a T-Mobile compliant smart phone that works on all of the above plans, at Target for $59. You can actually buy cell refill phone cards or pay as you go cards online and sites also offer international phone cards for the lowest rates, I think. Does anyone know if there is a cell plan out there that you do not pay for unless you use it. Puretalkusa has a wonderful plan for someone who likes to text, does very little talking and could care less about the internet.
It seems that Tracfone is starting to modernize with touch phones and qwerty keyboard phones which is interesting.
I'm a dane, and therefore I have a danish Mobile company, but the one I've got is one where you pay for what you talk on the phone, have no requirements on have much you need to put in on your account. I have a Bell-Aliant pay as you go but now that I've moved from Atlantic Canada to Alberta I can't add minutes by doing what I normally would do, #321 then use my credit card.
You can use old Verizon phones on Page Plus, but for data to work they want you to buy a phone from them. If you like Sprint coverage, you can use Platinum tel or Kajeet Prepaid, but you have to buy their phones for it to work. Platinum Tel paygo starts at $10 for 90 days and rates are 5c per min calls and 2c per txt. While cell phone contracts lower the price of a handset, they also lock you in and impose early termination fees.
While AT&T has primarily been a contract-based cell phone carrier, it competes with the major prepaid companies with two plans under the GoPhone brand. While prepaid wireless from Consumer Cellular can work for anyone, it’s specifically designed for seniors in direct competition with Jitterbug. Like Boost Mobile, Cricket is designed to be a lower-cost prepaid alternative to the major cell phone carriers. While prepaid wireless from Jitterbug can work for anyone, it’s specifically designed for seniors in direct competition with Consumer Cellular. Just as Jitterbug and Consumer Cellular are targeted at seniors, Kajeet plans and features are designed specifically for kids. PlatinumTel features a variety of prepaid and pay-as-you-go wireless plans all without contracts. Finally, Virgin Mobile has built its lifeblood around prepaid wireless and offers one of the strongest offerings in the industry.

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I just wrote my first business plan in 24 hours using LivePlan and it's beautiful and complete. Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. This credit can be used until it expires or runs out, at which point the phone owner must buy more. If the balance reaches zero, more minutes will need to be purchased to make or receive additional calls.
If the user does not keep the account active, the phone may no longer be able to make or receive calls, and the number may be disconnected, even if the user still had credit.
Some plans offer smart phones that for allow texting, surfing the Internet, taking photos, and other features.
The owner's cell phone number, minutes, and other information is tied to the card — not the phone. Many plans include free weekends and evening calling, meaning calls made during this time do not count toward each month's allotted minutes. In addition there are no credit card requirements and no monthly fees in addition to the cost of credit. They are also useful for people who don't have credit cards or who have varying income and can't always afford a regular monthly payment. Also, there are often fewer plan perks, such as calling other people with the same carrier for free. I have a family member on the T-Mobile $100=1000 minutes good for 1 year and then they roll over to another full year.
So I'm looking for another plan that's very cheap (basically this one has been so far $19.99 for a phone plus a $100 card (first year) plus $10 second full year, plus another $10 to roll over the minutes into a third year (doesn't use a lot of minutes). I add $100 each year and roll over all the minutes I have at the time -- usually around $30 worth. There is too much development in the field of internet and people go to the cheap solutions. Prepaid wireless, though, offers no contracts and affordable plans often at the expense of pricier phones.This is a library of the prepaid wireless and pay-as-you-go plans at the major no-contract carriers. While the carrier’s prepaid linchpin is its all-unlimited $50 monthly plan, Boost Mobile has two other compelling choices as well.
The carrier has simple offerings for individuals and families with texting and mobile Web usage available at an additional cost.
Unlike Boost Mobile, Cricket has many more plan options for individuals, families and pay-as-you-go seekers.
Jitterbug has three simple offerings for individuals, families and texters at various price levels. Like many of the carriers listed in this library, PlatinumTel doesn’t have its own network infrastructure.
The company is a subsidiary of America Movil, which has more cell phone customers than AT&T and Verizon combined, according to TracFone.
Very few prepaid carriers own their own networks, which typically means that they’re leasing it from one of the big guys, like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile.
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In most cases, this type of plan can be paid for upfront with any kind of payment, and the credit can often be used for texting and using the Web as well as for voice calls.
Instead, in most plans, a phone and certain amount of credit — usually some set amount, such as $25 or $50 US Dollars (USD) — can be purchased from the carrier, an electronics store, a discount department store, or other vendors. Calls made on such a plan can typically be made at any time of day, with no difference in how much credit is required; in other words, while some plans may charge more per minute for calls made during business hours, an unlimited plan usually charges only the flat fee. As long as the required amount of new credit is purchased, the existing balance usually accumulates, so credit will typically not be lost if it is not used.
Convenience features such as voicemail, caller ID, and call forwarding are typically all available with these phones. With pay as you go plans from these carriers, the SIM card can be removed from one phone and inserted into another compatible phone from the same carrier or an unlocked phone that is not tied to any specific carrier, allowing the service to be transferred easily.
Options like free calling to any other mobile phone that uses the same service or free calling to certain cell numbers on other services may also be available. Free weekends and evenings might be offered for short periods of time as promotional campaigns, but as a general rule these plans tend to be very straightforward.
Phones for the cheapest plans usually have few options to them, so texting and Web surfing may not be available. When I purchased it, I thought it had fees, but my phone card balance is still the same and shows the balance I used. If you want an additional line, there is only a $5 a month charge for that line and you get 50 free minutes on that phone above the 101.
Saving money is a good thing, isn't it?Regardless, for those on fixed incomes, it makes perfect sense. This makes you a Gold Star member, entitling you to additional minutes when you refill.Just before the year is up, pay $10 for a few minutes (50 I think) and any minutes left over from the initial 1000 get rolled over for another year.
And the only carriers that manage their own networks – MetroPCS and Cricket – aren’t as expansive in terms of coverage areas as the majors.
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There are many advantages and disadvantages to using a pay as you go plan, which may vary depending on the user's viewpoint. Credit is used to make calls, and the per-minute rate may vary depending on when the calls are made. Users may have the option of registering a credit card with the carrier to automatically debit it as required to save the trouble of remembering to renew. These plans are best for people who use their phones for more than 90 minutes each month, as the per-minute charge is usually less expensive than with pay as you go plans.
Just like any plan, users should read the fine print for extra service charges, including for roaming and international calls. I can understand if it pertains to pure unlimited plans, but in this situation, they should break it down.
Tracfone is the leading provider of pay as you go service in the US, so their senior SVC phone is probably the best choice for oldsters.
You can choose if you want a texting plan, a internet on your phone plan, a talk plan or anything like that, but it is not a condition of your general cell plan. For example, some users may not like the idea of having to renew their credit regularly, but others prefer that control over their expenditures. Additional credit can be bought at many grocery and convenience stores or through the phone or online from the carrier.
Otherwise, you get gold status once you reach $100 pre-paid cards but you won't have gotten anywhere near the 1000 minutes.
You can use any AT&T or Cingular phone for their service and the sim cards are free for a phone you may already have.
If you run out of minutes during the year and have to buy more, the newly-acquired minutes are then available for a year. And it's .3 per text sent or free for texts received for my phone (I'm hearing newer phones might be charging for receive).
Either way (don't use many minutes or do use many), I think this plan works for everyone.I've had the plan for almost seven years now and wouldn't consider any other.

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