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PEP not only sells clothing and footwear, PEP sells homeware, FMCG, cellular and airtime products and also offers a range of other services such as cash-backs, Capfin (for loans), funeral policies, cross-border money transfers, selected bill payments, Flash electricity tokens and more. The Sweet Service Award  goes to Cafe Le Chocolatier in Franschhoek, and its manager Toni, for calling to say that she had noticed that I had been overcharged for a loaf of rye bread on doing the cash-up. It is a fundamental requirement that the green bar-coded ID and proof of residential address (including full name) is provided at the point of sale for RICA registration. I have addressed your concerns with these stores and will escalate the matter with their direct superiors as well.
You more than welcome by your next stop over in franschhoek to enjoy your free cup of coffee and some freshly made swiss chocolates!

PEPplus is a debit card that enables you to make bill payments, buy prepaid airtime or electricity, do money transfers and more directly from your Cellphone.
Activate your account by loading money onto your PEPplus debit card with a PEPplus token or via EFT.
Please remember that if you reach the account limits (above), your account will be put on hold until you visit your nearest Absa bank. Buy from the comfort of your own home or office and your phone will be delivered to you in 48 hours.
They supply up to date information on all contract packages, prepaid phones, upgrades and cellphone accessories.

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