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I now how to poraskinul brains and found at least twelve reasons to immortality is not entered. If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. When doctors learn how to grow famous people phone numbers spare parts "under the order, duration and quality of life automatically spike.Arithmetic get very entertaining.
Immortality - a treasure at one glance that even the fictional characters in books and films begins profuse salivation.
If mankind can survive the 2012-th year, and if I am even a little luck, until 2050 the year I will be able to survive. In this case, alas, tend to actively proliferate was not those famous people phone numbers who we would like to see as their neighbors.2. Engage in cloning and other methods of prolonging life is meaningful only when the active extraterrestrial expansion. Immortal and to Alpha Centauri fly so far to relativistic speeds, and Mars to Venus colonized, not to mention the moon, etc.

In this perspective to sit in a bunker for two hundred years, waiting for nuclear winter, will no longer scare in authority fanatics.3. Imhuyu it would be right to do so - if you want a chance not to die a little longer - be kind, live beyond Earth. Young talented scientists will be eternal students, and young talented managers - the eternal zamami, and young talented artists - the eternal understudy.4. Organ transplants will not give immortality - you can always kill other famous people phone numbers;2. Transplant will be very expensive, it can afford only the rich that will enhance their mudatskoe power.
Imagine how much a person can kill a criminal, if for one murder give fifteen years, and he has a life expectancy of a thousand years?And vice versa - life imprisonment or life detention in the psychiatric hospital will be too cruel punishments.6.
The planet will not grow the population, natural disasters will kill more famous people phone numbers.4.
Put in a reliable bank of ten thousand rubles, waited a hundred years, and now you are a millionaire.7.

And most importantly: EAGLE nada us pizdyuley for that deprived him of food in the form of awareness.
Planet "old fart" will be populated by experienced, nothing surprised seeing all the famous people phone numbers with clever and endlessly tired eyes.8. Fourteenth page of the passport will have to extend to her hundreds of stamps placed on marriages and divorces.9. When you're five hundred years, you probably have in mind the old sins, which anyone remembers yes.10. Is not it absolutely necessary part of the imaginary mechanism of evolution - a regular alternation of generations.

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