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The addition of a pause to a contact's phone number can be very useful when an extension is required to reach that individual.
Tap the pause key, this will enter a comma in the phone entry which tells the iPhone's dialer to pause for about 2 seconds.
If you use Outlook to manage your contacts and synchronize via Exchange ActiveSync or iTunes, you can use commas or the letter p to enter pauses in the phone number entry. In 1996, Osama bin Laden was planning to move his headquarters from Sudan to remote Afghanistan, where communications would obviously be very difficult. To aid in this task, Osama contacted his man in London, Khalid al-Fawwaz, and, with the unwitting assistance of a student from the University of Missouri at Columbia, Ziyad Khalil, who'd been a spokesman for the rights of Muslim students at the University, al-Fawwaz was able to raise the $7,500 that was needed for the cost of a satellite phone.
Over the next two years, the phone was used for hundreds of calls from various locations throughout Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, London, and Iran.

During those two years, if you'd picked up your phone and dialed the telephone number 00-873-68-250-5331, you might have heard Osama bin Laden pick up on the other end.
Following President Clinton's 1998 cruise missile attack on bin Laden's Al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, bin Laden apparently figured it wasn't a good idea to be carrying a satellite phone, so he ditched it. According to James Bamford, in his book Body of Secrets, since 1998 bin Laden has only communicated through messengers who make calls for him from distant locations. You can also use this technique for calling cards, navigating auto attendant trees, and accessing conference call bridges.
Although you can't enter the letter p on the iPhone, it recognizes it at dialing time and will convert it to a comma. Naturally, many of these calls were picked up by listening stations setup by the NSA and Britain's GCHQ--one, at least, hopes that was the case.
The one item I have not figured out,  is how to dial two separate numbers in sequence.

Others were picked up by a listening post run by the Australian  Defense Signals Division located in Geraldtown, a port on the Indian Ocean.
The 873+ prefix denotes the satellite call was based in the Indian Ocean region, his main stomping ground at the time. It was a call from a bin Laden associate to bin Laden's wife in Syria, advising her to return to Afghanistan. This would be helpful for calling card calls where you dial the calling card sequence first then the number you want to dial. In retrospect, it was clearly one of all-important dots we should have been looking out for.

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