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Kunal Ganglani: I am a Passionate Blogger, a Computer Science Engineer, Internet Marketer and an Entrepreneur at heart. First a quick refresher, a phone number is a unique address designation much like a product serial number, vehicle VIN number or an external IP address in the sense that the number is exclusive.
Think back to the days of switchboards where operators would physically connect switches at exchange centers to complete a call circuit. As the companies operated independently, this resolved many problems but a new set of issues stemmed from current competition practices. One year later, when the NPAC formed, interconnectivity issues were fixed, namely number porting and other benefits were observed such as enablement for any entity to enter the communication industry.
Of course, the whole process is a little more involved, requiring completion of several steps before the number finally transfers to a new provider. The customer requests to use an existing phone number with a new provider who submits a request to the old provider, hence initiating the process. The former provider confirms the customer’s information then relays this information back to the new provider.
At this point, the new provider sends information gathered to the NPAC – this commences the actual number port.
Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) were refusing to port numbers to other competing providers. Very small, independent providers serving local regions are not forced to comply with LNP requests.
If a company does not comply with an LNP request, it is possible to take action by contacting a governing agency. Complaints against Canadian communications are made to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) by calling 1-888-221-1687 or completing the CCTS online complaint form. At WhichVoIP we use a few tools when our visitors ask us about Local Number Portability for specific numbers.
Callcentric LNP Tool - Very useful tool for most US and Canadian residential phone numbers.

CRTC Number Porting by Province - See if your local exchange in Canada is regulated by the CRTC or not (i.e. Local number porting is a relatively straightforward process these days regardless of whether you are dealing with a traditional landline, VoIP or a mobile phone number. VoIP has helped create a highly competitive environment when shopping for a new phone service and thanks to LNP there are few stumbling blocks preventing you from getting a great deal.
The original provider will not return my calls and the third party provider tells me there is nothing they can do.
Once you verify your email address, just fill in the required details such as city , country codes etc.
After agreeing to the terms and conditions, CallCenteric will provide you with a virtual tour showcasing their services.
To activate and link your phone number with CallCenteric, download ExpressTalk to your computer.
During installation, whenever you are prompted with a question regarding SIP, answer it as " I already have SIP account" . Whether for business or residential service, a consistent phone number is important for communication continuity. In this article, we will explain the process behind number porting and look at different rules that govern the United States and Canada, where this subject projects a high level of interest. Unused numbers are aggregated by an organization called the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC). Eventually, the FCC had to intervene because of various anticompetitive proceedings by these carriers that eventually led to an overhaul of telecom law outlined in the Telecommunications Act of 1996. In short, a request from the new provider commences an action that eventually results in the old provider releasing the number for the new service.
Fees from an old service provider cannot prevent this entity from releasing a number to a new provider. During the porting period, there is a short length of time where a phone number could be associated with more than one line or device.

In rare situations, dire consequences could result because an emergency responder received incorrect location data. This act ultimately enforced all providers to comply with number transfers except for the following, select cases.
Fortunately, most companies recognize the value in number porting so this service has become highly available across the industry. Both the FCC and CRTC have publicly accessible contact information for filing complaints to resolve porting issues, among others problems. Take advantage of the tools indicated in this guide and get a feel for any issues you could up against during the port, and if you run into problems at least there is a governing agency to complain to and help fight your case. Take a look at our residential and business sections to see the great deals available to consumers and businesses.
For creating an account, you will need to verify the email address you provided during registration.
Like a permanent address, a phone number serves as a piece of identifying information crucial for contacts to connect with you or your business. This 10-digit code, represented by the notation NPA-NXX (called a central office code) defines the location of the exchange. It was AT&T that proposed the dissolution of the company that ultimately became a divestiture resulting in seven, independent regional carriers. A phone number is considered property of the account holder so regardless of the balance owed, an old provider must release the number. Essentially, a company justifies these fees to recovering the labor expended for processing these changes.
It is up to the old provider as to whether or not any termination fees will apply to the final account balance – this information is usually outlined by a contract from this provider.

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