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A tax scam continues to circulate around the Kootenays, where people are called by someone posing as a Canada Revenue Agency Employee. This scam has been very prevalent over the past year, with people being coerced into paying off a non-existent debt with the CRA, and the scammer threatening them with prosecution if they don’t pay. The scam is very sophisticated however, with the number on your caller ID being different with every call, and even sometimes it looks like the scammer is calling from your own phone number.
Cranbrook RCMP Detachment Commander, Staff Sergeant Hector Lee, says this scam is a problem in several other provinces as well, and there’s also many red flags.

Some victims are also warning others to stay calm when the scammers call, which can be tough.
Further, police would never get involved in tax issues, so the threat of arrest is baseless. Lee explains that you really shouldn’t ever be receiving a call from the Canada Revenue Agency. They say that if you speak back at them and tell them to go away, the scammer will continually call and threaten you with constant calls afterwards.

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