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By activating your profile in Carwise Shop Finder, new customers can access helpful information about your shop like hours of operations, reviews and more. UpdatePlus automates repair-status updates and sends post-repair surveys to your customers. As a CCC ONE™ user you will have to first activate your shop profile to be searchable when a user clicks on Find a Shop on the Carwise™ website. Your shop profile page on Carwise uses the information you've already entered into CCC ONE™. From this point our helpful Wizard Setup Assistant will walk you through the remainder of the process.

Add or update a link to your Facebook page which can help you stay connected with your customers.
UpdatePlus customers: You can choose to share customer reviews on your Shop Finder profile. From here you can upload images of your repair facility to your Shop Finder profile on Carwise. Once your changes have been published, click the link at the bottom of the Repair Facility profile Carwise settings screen to see a preview of your Carwise™ Shop Finder Profile page. Customizing your shop information is simple, and takes place through your CCC ONE® platform.

Customizing your shop information is simple, and takes place through your CCC ONE platform.

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