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If you need to speak to an IRS agent about tax-related issues, try telephoning the call center first.
If your organization is tax-exempt, you are a government entity, or a retirement plan administrator, please call 877-829-5500. Individuals who have hearing impairments can contact the IRS through a dedicated TDD telephone line: 800-829-4059.
You can also go online to check on the progress of your tax refund and to set up a payment plan. If you need further assistance or need to speak face-to-face with an agent in Texas, NY, FL, PA, GA, CA, or any other state, please use the IRS office locator. Tax-related advice and assistance is available from the IRS through the phone, online, and at your local IRS office, so simply find the method that suits your needs best and get answers to all your questions. Our website has only one mission: help you to manage your accounts on your favorite websites. More significant (and I am sure the reason behind the white pages trimming) is that the YP ad pages dropped from 182 to 137 pages. Print YPs are getting closer to the point that they will not have the right to be exist, unless they’ll reinvent themselves. White pages never were all that profitable, but in many states they were required to be published by the phone companies. It seems that printed directories will continue to be published in rural areas for some time longer, while they risk dying off in metro areas.
The Yellow Pages here in Canada know the end is very near, and they are desperately seeking other revenue streams.
In either case, and as much as I like to promote Local, there have been instances in my own life in the past few months when I just could not get the web to return me a complete or correct set of results for things I was trying to find. I would have picked up a phone book for some of the searches, if we had one, because, despite the easy and quick availability of web-based Local info, its accuracy and thoroughness are still leaving much to be desired. The established locksmith’s needs in VA is going to be different than a new auto mechanic in Providence. I have several clients who have advertised with DEX and in some cases yes DEX uses adwords or PPC on Directories to get placement. I love when they call and try to tell me how much business I’m losing out on by not advertising in their books.

1) The decline in consumer print YP usage is not yet as steep as the decline in advertiser participation, meaning there are relatively more calls for fewer businesses. 2) I manage the YP program for a national advertiser and while we are seeing our calls increase (we put an RCF on every line in every book), we are also seeing (via call challenges on our RCF lines, ie “press 1 if you found this number in a print directory, press 3 if you found it online) that a good portion of the tracked phone calls that are attributed to print YP are actually coming from ONLINE.
Hypothesis is that the increases we have seen in YP call volume are due to more IYPs scraping print YP directories for data, resulting in RCFs showing up online and somewhat defeating the purpose of the call tracking. Yes, I have seen several cases of call tracking numbers being scraped by Google and creating multiple listings and split citations for a given location. If you need to track your tracking, how does the value of call tracking value of it offset the negatives? I have a client who spends about 25,000 per year on yellowpages and is saying that if the client renews the contract and adds on ppc then they will personally spot them 6,500 throughout the year in ad spend.
But the sad part is…the business owner or representative makes a visit or you visit them and they never once ask how you found their business information. The IRS phone number is 800-829-1040 and the lines are open from Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm (your local time). The IRS website has an interactive tax assistant tool that covers frequently asked questions on topics like tax filing, tax credits, deductions, and establishing your deductible income. Just click on “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” and be sure to use the right email address.
The aim of this support is to avoid problems and to allow you to manage your online accounts easily.
Almost ironic that phone companies have campaigned successfully in many areas to NOT be required to publish those!
We are also seeing increases in the amount of calls are clients are receiving from their ads.
I found myself going to IYPs to see if they had better results, and in a few cases they did. My historic experience with the phone book was that it did a more professional, official sort of job in many cases than Google et al.
They list businesses with tracking phone numbers and point to their own listings – not the business website. Of course, this only lasts for so long as after a while it would seem that a consumer opening the YP to see only 2 plumbers, they give up on the medium.

Worse I have seen a case where the original business lost control of the call tracking number and in the end a competitor ended up with that number. They are having to give free internet ads to keep big clients paying for something that doesn’t worry as well. Average waiting times are approximately 18 minutes, but they can be significantly higher on Fridays and on Monday mornings. Given that print size, book size and ad sizes all remained constant it means that display advertising is way down. It was scary and made for some bad dreams but in the end was just a good story that very few remember. Though, their usefulness has degraded sharply as many people have switched to cellphones, and cellphone numbers are not generally published in directories like landlines once were.
One of the advantages of being the official publisher for Verizon territories is the promotional value enabling them to drive consumers to their website.
Data shows there is value to advertising in print and our free consumer-confidence program, the SuperGuarantee, is differentiating our yellow pages and driving consumers to local businesses. Keep up the good work YP you are making all of us independent internet marketers look really good (and really affordable too). So they dump all advertising dollars on the internet and don’t get the ROI they expect, putting themselves in a bind because an effective internet campaign is not cheap and you must have a dedicated person to manage it.
Waiting times can even triple during filing season, and at this time of the year nearly 40 per cent of phone calls go unanswered.
On the first page of the yellow pages, Superpages themselves had a 50% bigger ad and they continued that practice throughout the book. There are still many who have no idea what a QR code is, while most people would know what a URL is and how to use it. After we saw we have almost no activity from those ads (nor from your affiliates & directories who you are distributing listings to) , we tried to cancel some SuperGuarantee ads.
Last client I signed up moved a $5k per month budget over and we were able to reduce his spend AND easily increase his conversion ratio.

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