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The app has a simple interface that should be easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive layout. The entire process has only two steps; namely to create a career log and to finish putting together the resume. The first step comes with a built-in wizard that guides you through everything that needs to be done. Details regarding the education, both secondary and higher, as well as any degrees and certifications can be filled in.

Computer skills, known languages and publications that you published in can be added to the list, as well as any referenced you may have. All in all, EasyJob Resume Builder is a great tool that is good to have around, especially when you want to take another step on the professional ladder. For instance, you must fill in various contact information, such as the name, mobile number, address, email and personal website, if available. A list of previous jobs may be put together as well by filling in the title, company, duties, achievements and time interval.

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