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SubscribeIf you have liked what you have seen here, consider signing up for our daily newsletter to stay up to date on all the hot deals. Santa Tracker 2012 is back this year, but why not give your kids a taste of the old fashioned way of tracking Santa instead of just watching him online? This service is in addition to NORAD’s Santa tracker and you can watch your little one’s eyes light up when a live person answers the phone call to tell them where Santa is in the world right at this very moment. This is the stuff Christmas is made of and the 57th annual goodwill mission by NORAD has widened the eyes of youngsters through the generations. The volunteers are manning the phones in the Santa Tracker Headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It wasn’t too long ago before the computer age that the only way the kids could track Santa with NORAD was over the phone. Roz ZurkoHartford Top News ExaminerRoz Zurko is a freelance writer originally from Milford, Conn. Malia Obama will be attending Harvard for collegeThe eldest Obama daughter, Malia, who is certainly no slouch in the classroom, has chosen which college she wants to attend after she wraps up high school - Harvard.
There is NO Spam on SwagGrabber and it is updated all day everyday with the very best deals available! Your kids are in for a real treat when they get on the phone and talk to one of Santa’s trackers today, Christmas Eve. Then when your children ask what time Santa is due around their house, the kids are told around about midnight. Parents and grandparents made the same call that the little ones are making today to talk to Santa’s elves, which sounds much more magical than Santa’s trackers.
To get into that Santa Tracker mood, many of the volunteers sport Christmas hats and holiday trinkets.

The kids today still love this old-fashion way of picking up the phone and finding a live person (Santa’s elves to many) on the other end.
While the Santa tracker is going strong online, so are the phone calls to NORAD’s Santa’s trackers. When she got on the Santa Tracker map from NORAD, she wanted to look for Hanoi, where the elf had told her Santa was. There is a quick message and then he encourages kids to leave their wish list, both of my kids left their wishlist..even my 9 year old who is a little skeptical of Santa! She has called a few times since looking more star-struck with each call, according to D.S. She has been a guest author on BBC radio and her online articles are read by more than a million people each month.

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