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Opening a Baidu PPC account is far more complicated than Google, Yandex, Yahoo-JP or any other PPC platform.It requires local presence, Chinese language skills and market-related paperwork, which makes it near impossible for non-China based companies to “go it alone”. Baidu will require you to upload qualification information including official ID and certification. If your business is within the sectors of healthcare or airline ticketing, expect even more certification requirements and heavier translation scrutinising.
Unlike Google, where any man and his dog can sell any service via any means (as long as it qualifies within Google policy), Baidu takes a more structured approach to account openings.
Contracts will be provided by Baidu and will require you to sign privacy terms and advertising policy acts to allow you to begin advertising. Payment on Baidu is quite difficult for non-China based businesses as the platform does not accept any international credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro etc. Whilst Baidu’s security system does make your personal information and details safe, it does also make it difficult for non-China based companies to use the system. Quick fix is to either borrow your friends’ mate who did a year of Chinese at school (that year spent learning PPC terminology), or use a company that knows Baidu and can set up optimal Baidu PPC accounts.
TweetChina Mobile and Xinhua news agency together launched Panguso, the Chinese government-run search engine, on Feb, 22nd, 2011. I think these examples are good enough for anybody to see that rather than “search engine”, Panguso should actually call itself “(official) voice of China”.
The JP889 China Mobile Phone also support for AVI, MP3, MP4, Bluetooth, e-book, Dual sim card, handsfree, handwritten, FM Stereo radio, GPRS download, MMS and WAP. There is no quick fix for this, this information is required by law and Baidu will not grant activity to an account before this has been logged.

You might have to pay transactional fee costs, but at least you know exactly who your money is going to. You could try to set up a China telephone number to use for this verification code but this is time-consuming and extremely cost-heavy. The interface still holds the reporting, optimization, set up and budgeting side of Baidu PPC so you would be using it quite often.
Connecting global brands to local customers through a blend of language and digital marketing services.
Their plans are ambitious, to topple Baidu (which currently has over 75% of China’s search market share) and to lead the competition of mushrooming local search engines after Google’s leave. Panguso allows users to search for news, websites, pictures, videos, BBS + blogs, music and real-time microblog commentaries. In addition to send to mobile, users are also able to share microblog result links directly onto their accounts on China’s major SNS such as 139Shuoke (the mobile microblogging + SNS  by China Mobile), Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter), Douban (China’s largest online book, movie and music database and one of the largest online communities) , Renren and Kaixin001 (two Facebook copycats).
On Panguso’s home page, a left side bar (sort of) with four buttons provides railway ticket, flight ticket, phone number search and tourism information services. The only difference between the title and the summary is font size, no bold font, no color differentiation.
Google returned 10,400 results and Baidu 152353, both with first page results from a variety of sources.
Here you can find much information about chinese mobile manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. Baidu can be (and quite rightly) a bit funny towards translated documents when they don’t know the source of translation.

Use an agency which has these networks in place already or failing that – grab hold of a random China resident. These buttons do come in handy for a search engine, otherwise they will totally go to the “reasons why it sucks” list.
Panguso returned 70,590 results, and as implied, all from a handsful of 9 news websites, shown as “new source” on the left hand side.
Panguso returned 16,880 but out of the total 20 images shown on the first page, one picture repeats 3 times, and another repeats 5 times. Google translate can help to an extent but as most of the content is in image form and the complex SEM specific language means Google translate often fails. They don’t go along with the aesthetics of the rest of the page at all and they have nothing to do with Panguso. In addition, we also provide you with relevant products such as Hct Mobile Phone Batteries,Bl 5j Mobile Phone Batteries,Nokia Mobile Phone Batteries,400 1100 Mobile Phone Batteries,3 7v Mobile Phone Batteries,75k Mobile Phone Batteries etc.Haven't find a suitable chinese mobile manufacturer? Click on them, you will be directed to third party websites who provide the actual services. Or you are a chinese mobile manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now.

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