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As per the recent MNP data from TRAI Across India, 18.44 Mn Mobile subscribers have opted for MNP Service till 26th November, since the national launch. Idea continues to top the chart on MNP Net Gain now Idea has highest port in share (29%) and lowest port out share (13%) among top three operators. So what do you think is helping Idea to make it in the top list is it the ad campaign orĀ  the best service ?
The people of Kolkata were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Idea Cellular in Kolkata in Fall 2009. In Idea’s case it has more to do with the largest 3G coverage and faster rollout of 3G than the ad campaign. The matter of fact is not who is gaining or losing but the point is who has best network in place to avoid such port-outs. Its a mix of both, idea understood the mentality of indian users, issues usually disappoint users and exactly targeted those aspects in its ad campaign, also they enhanced their quality of services to avoid churn and support new subscribers.

May we request you to reply to us with your complete account details such as Full name, mobile number, and the type of Inconvenience you are facing. May we request you to reply to us with your complete account details such as Full name, mobile no., and the type of Inconvenience you are facing.
Looking at the figures the main thing I have noticed is 2,376,549 customers ported-out of Idea which clearly suggests that their own customers were not happy at all with the Idea network.
Vodafone has the most port-outs followed by Bharti Airtel which again clears that these two were also not able to satisfy a big subscriber base. However, it turned out that Idea had very poor network connectivity which continues even now. But they gain their new customer by those ad, so ad factor is not applicable for idea MNP . Its only people who visit telecom related sites are aware of QOS of operators and don go on campaigns.

There was an instance wherein I called their customer care complaining about poor network and seeing that I had low balance that day, they asked me to recharge and then call back.
But still majority of population don use internet and among internet users majority of them dont even bother to visit or know about telecom offerings, so for such segment of people ad campaigns work well. I pointed out that I was a heavy user and having less balance that day did not have any remote relationship with facing poor connectivity, however, it fell in deaf ears. I escalated it to their Nodal Officer but due to no timely response I switched over to Tata Docomo in Spring 2010.
Idea’s Nodal officer did revert but then I told him to forget about it since I had already switched to a different network and was contemplating to never again switch over to Idea in the future.

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